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July 14, 2015


Call to Order

Club President, Lanny Six called to order the regular meeting of the GHS Touchdown Club at 7:00 PM, on July 14, 2015 at the Nathanael Greene Community Center, Guilford, CT.

Roll Call

Stephanie Moscato, Jill Hilgert, Alex Conover, Michele Robertino, Tim McCloskey, David Filley, Deana Ralston, Frank Ralston, Lanny Six and Jacquelyn A. Kronengold were in attendance.

The following materials were distributed:  Meeting Agenda, Meeting Minutes, dated June 9, 2015 and a sheet for Patron Sponsorship.

Officer’s Reports

Secretary’s Report:  The meeting minutes from June 9, 2015:  The minutes from the last meeting were reviewed.  A motion was made to accept the minutes with revisions and was unanimously agreed upon. 

Treasurer Derda did not attend this meeting.  There was therefore, no financial report[1].  Alex Conover noted that the insurance payment is due September 12, 2015.

VP Report – Co-VP Moscato did not have a report and Co-VP Jankura was not present. 

Coach’s Corner – Coach Eagle did not attend this meeting. 

President’s report – Fundraising package distribution – Altogether, 63 packets were created, one for each player. Packets were distributed to all but 21 players.  Players that did not receive their packets at the initial distribution time will receive them at practice or from their class representatives.  The August 8 car wash tickets will be included in those players packets.

There is a picture of the spirit wear on our Facebook page.  We will confirm with Treasurer Derda if payment has been made for the garments.[2] 

The next Car wash will be August 8 from 10 AM – 2 PM at Palumbos.  Presale tickets are available for pickup this week.  The team will have three weeks to sell tickets.  Prizes/Incentives – at the last car wash players that sold 5 tickets were entered into a drawing for an Ashley’s gift certificate.  This time we could give away Guilford Football car magnets and enter those names in a drawing for prizes for two remaining Ashley’s certificates.  After the car wash, the TouchDown club will provide pizza to the players.  Co-VP Jankura will purchase the pies at the end of the event from Naples Pizza.  Adult volunteers are still sought for the car wash.

Yard sign distribution will be July 31 or August 3, a Friday or Monday, respectively.[3]  Each player will receive 3 signs to sell.  For every sign sold $12.50 will be added to the player’s buyout amount.  There is no deadline for selling the yard sign.

Fund Raising Events Discussed:

Fill the helmet at Walmart – October 24, 2015.  Another venue may be added.  Co-VP Moscato will contact the owner of that establishment.  The number of hours for this event will be determined based on whether or not the additional site is added.  Adult supervision will be needed at each site.

The family picnic will be held on August 23 at Jacobs Beach.  Treasurer Derda has volunteered to purchase the food.  Treasurer Derda will be in charge of the paper goods[4].  Co-VP Jankura will set up a volunteer’s page on VolunteerSpot.   Each class representative will follow up on the donations made by their respective groups.  By class the following items will be requested: 

Freshmen – Drinks and Paper goods; sophomores – Desserts; juniors and seniors combined – Salads and Sides.  The following items will be needed as well:  Coolers with ice, – persons that donate drinks should provide a cooler, Speakers and music, a grill master[5], Cleanup crew, set up crew, additional non-commercial gas grill may be needed. 12-4 PM will be time of picnic. We have to vacate the park by 4 PM.  So the event should end by 3:30 PM.  This can be a community service opportunity for the boys if they volunteer to clean up.

Chris Jankura will be chairperson of the games and contests.  She will need 3-4 volunteers to help her.

Miscellaneous:  Alex Conover is hosting a pig roast at her home, August 29 at 5:00 PM.  She will send out the announcement to the players.

Photo day – Steady Photo photographed the team last year.  Co-VP Moscato and Frank Ralston have volunteered to photograph the team this year.  Co-VP Moscato will coordinate the date with Coach Eagle.     

The team photo that Co-VP Moscato and/or Frank Ralston will take is not for the yearbook.  Pictures for the year book will be taken later in the year.  Ad book or not – One will still be needed for senior night.

Club communication:  HUDL and website are “married.”  President Six will load the additional emails.  The contact list will be reviewed again.  Emails for 20 players are not on the Guilford Football website.  Another 50 players are on HUDL but not on Guilford Football site.  Co-VP Jankura has entered new seniors on the website.  We want to utilize Guilford Football website to send messages.

Help wanted:

We have one month to find a coordinator for the Ad Book.[6]  The Ad Book for the seniors will be dedicated to them. 

No Home Game Announcer – Bo is gone!  See President Six’ email.  Bo will take a picture with the team.  Jake Jarvis should be contacted about finding a new announcer.

President Six adjourned the meeting at 8:28 PM.


[1] Treasurer Derda presented his report at the Board Meeting, July 28, 2015.

[2] Treasurer Derda confirmed, July 28, 2015 that payment has been made for the Spirit Wear.

[3] In an email to Board Members, it was decided that the yard signs would be distributed on August 17.

[4] Treasurer Derda will be unable to purchase the paper goods at a discount – July 28, 2015 Board Meeting.

[5] President Six will grill.  Three additional grillers will be needed.  Grilling will be 1.5 to 2 hours (12:30 PM – 2PM).  Angelo Moscato will transport the grill.

[6] Dave Filley has volunteered to be Ad Book Coordinator.