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March 10, 2015

Call to Order

Club President, Lanny Six called to order the regular meeting of the GHS Touch Down Club at 7:29 PM, on March 10, in the Alexander Room at the Nathaniel Greene Community Center, Guilford, CT.


Roll call

Lanny Six, Michael Eagle, Alex Conover, Ken Nizolek, Joseph Gambardelli, Mike Burrell, Sebastian Derda, Stephanie Moscato, Michele Robertino, Chris Jankura, Jane Six, Jill Hilgert, Frank Ralston, Paul Korik, Brad Currier, Greg Jankura, Paula Downer, Doug Downer, Filley and Jackie Kronengold


The following materials were distributed:  Meeting Agenda, Meeting Minutes dated February 10, 2015 and the Treasurer’s Report.


Antonio Pensa was present at the meeting to speak about his nomination for the National Football League Scholarship Award.  The event will be held on April 10, 2015.  Antonio is one of 27 athletes from New Haven County nominated to receive this honor.  The Club decided to support Antonio by purchasing an ad.  A motion was made to purchase an ad to support Antonio Pensa and was unanimously agreed upon.


Meeting Minutes from February 10, 2015:  The minutes from the last meeting were reviewed.  A motion was made to accept the minutes with revisions and was unanimously agreed upon.


Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer Derda presented his report on Club account deposits and withdrawals. The team breakfast is still an outstanding expense ($600.00). The check to HUDL cleared at $1,400. Youth Football may split the cost with High School Football (50/50) or contribute $750 toward the package.  There is a limit to the number of teams that may be on the same HUDL account.  Currently, there are three teams (freshman, junior varsity and varsity) on our account. Youth Football may have to join as one team. The different levels cannot be separated if they share the account with us. The enhanced package will allow the team to watch footage on their mobile devices.  A motion was made to accept the Treasurer’s report and was unanimously agreed upon.


Vice President’s Report:  Co-Vice President Moscato began her report with an update the team breakfast, Saturday, February 28, 2015.  There were 36 in attendance with future freshman in attendance. The event was enjoyed by all.  VFW provided good food.  Infused water was the donated raffle item.   


Banquet:   We are having the banquet at Bill Millers this year.  The Banquet will be on Wednesday, December 9 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM.  A $500 deposit was paid to reserve the space.  $23/person is what they will charge us.  This does not include tax or gratuity.  We have signed a contract.  We paid $26.50/person at Woodwinds.    A $35 ticket price is sufficient to cover the gratuity and sales tax.  A ticket price of $30 would not.  Bill Miller does have a projector screen so the facility will accommodate our audio/visual needs.

Volunteers for specific fundraising activities – Our fundraising activities will depend on the support Coach Eagle requires and the program he wants to implement at Guilford.  In the past, for example, we’ve had class representatives chairing each committee.  The Downers have volunteered to be the 9th grade class reps.


President’s report:  President Six introduced the new GHS Football Head Coach, Michael Eagle.  The coach thanked the TD Club for decorating his house and appreciates the support of the Club.    He spoke about his past coaching experience and his philosophy – “team, family and winning.”  His coaching staff is not complete.  There will be five paid positions.  There will be one volunteer, Coach Murphy. A defensive coordinator position is still open.  Coach Eagle will be interviewing for assistant coach positions soon.  His prospective coaching staff:   Tom Drew, Mike Arsenowitz, Kyle Murphy.  He explained why he joined the football program in Guilford and his successes while coaching the team in Clinton.  Coach Eagle wants to make the football program, a Town of Guilford program.


President Six elaborated on the interview process and the members of the interview panel.  He explained the scoring, etc.  Since Coach Eagle’s appointment is not official till March 23rd, he will not supervise weight lifting but will be there.  An inventory of equipment will have to be made because on July 13, the weight room will be torn down. The Coach would like to contact the team by global text message.  It would have to be verified if the school district allows communication with the team in this manner.  HUDL is a vehicle that may be used for this purpose and definitely the Guilford Football site can be used to send texts.


President Six discussed the fact that the club may not be able to provide a stipend.


Coach Eagle provided his contact information:  email


New Business:

The Club wants to plan an event to introduce GHS Football and Youth Football parents to Coach Eagle.  The VFW would be a great venue for this event (indoor and outdoor spaces).  Michele Robertino has negotiated a $25/person buffet dinner with paid bar.  She will also hire a DJ.  Everyone will be welcome and anyone may purchase a ticket even if they do not plan to attend.  A Friday night in May would be a good time to hold the event.


Pink Night – $1,000 is donated annually by the team members. We need to maximize our contribution.  One of the ways to accomplish this is to have a business sponsor the purchase of the tee shirts.  We need to find new sources of sponsorship.  Bishop Orchards sponsored the tee shirts last year. 


In his interview, Coach Eagle talked about encouraging the kids to be community and service oriented.  Participating in community activities as a team, would benefit the community as well as the team.  Prospective Team Community Activities:  Earth Day. VFW orange drive.


Budget discussion tabled till Board Meeting, March 23, 2015.


President Six adjourned the meeting at 9:00 PM.