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FEBRUARY 10, 2015


Call to order

Club President, Lanny Six called to order the regular meeting of the GHS Touch Down Club at 7:30 PM, on February 10, in the Alexander Room at the Nathaniel Greene Community Center, Guilford, CT.


Roll call

Stephanie Moscato, Lanny Six, Chris Jankura, Jackie Kronengold, Frank Ralston, Sebastian Derda, Doug Downer, Paula Downer, Jill Hilgert, Michele Robertino and Greg Jankura were in attendance.


The following materials were distributed:  Meeting Agenda, January 14, 2015 Meeting Minutes, Club Fundraiser Profit/Loss Chart and the Treasurer’s Report, dated February 10, 2015,


Meeting Minutes from January 14, 2015:  The minutes from the last meeting were reviewed.   President Six recommended changes to page 2, line 2.  The word “surplus” should be replaced with “fund balance.”  This change better explains the reason for the actual Club balance.  A motion was made to accept the minutes and was unanimously agreed upon.


The secretary had no other information to present.


Co-Vice President’s Report:  Chris Jankura briefly discussed the fundraising committee folders: 

Co-VP Moscato, created a list of the Club’s many fundraising activities.  Each committee chair is given a folder for the event they will organize and implement.  The folders provide a reference for the Chairs who manage the event. The Board is looking to recruit new volunteers from the pool of new freshman parents.  The Board is also looking for team representatives for each class.  Co-VP Moscato said the Club should continue the tradition, started by Sue Nault, to host an event for team families.  Co-VP Moscato has volunteered to host the 2015 event. The Club’s fundraising activities would be explained. It would also be an opportunity to solicit committee chairs and volunteers for the fundraising events.  Once the Chairs have been selected, a meeting to discuss strategy and responsibilities would convene in early May. 


Treasurer’s Report: Sebastian Derda reviewed the financial reports, explaining what each amount represented.  If Club members want to review the report, they may review the club books and deposit slips.  Michele Robertino wanted Treasurer Derda to report the earnings for the 80’s Dance Party as she was the Chair.  The Treasurer was able to perform a thorough investigation to understand the debits and credits in the Club’s account.” 

Additional notes:  President Six had an outstanding invoice from Royal Printing.  Treasurer Derda needs to provide Royal with his address so that future invoices can be mailed to him.  Lastly, the Club contributed $480.00 to the Wounded Warriors fund.  Insurance is paid until September 2015.  Renewal will be due in April 2015. Go daddy (Internet Domain Registrar) is paid till June 2016.  HUDL has to be paid.  A motion was made to accept the Treasurer’s report and was unanimously agreed upon.


President’s Report:  The Club’s finances are of the utmost importance.  President Six reiterated the importance of the Club and Guilford Football to communicate and work together. The search for a coach has been extended to February 28, 2015.  This extension may help to attract new candidates.  However this extension could also result in the loss of qualified candidates who have already submitted their applications. One committee will be convened to interview the candidates.  The top 2 or 3 applications will be submitted to the Committee.  This Committee will include Principal Misenti, Jake Jarvis, Youth Football and Varsity coaches from GHS, President Lanny Six and players.  The GHS varsity coaches are not available until March, so this is, in all likelihood the reason for the application extension.   The Club should communicate to Jake Jarvis and Principal Misenti its desire to have an interview schedule by March 1, 2015.  President Six will contact Principal Misenti.  Letters to the appropriate people will show the BOE that the Club is truly concerned.   We can “build the team,” while we wait for a coach by encouraging the players to use the weight room.   Seniors need to do a little bit more to encourage players to work out. In addition to a letter to parents about the upcoming team breakfast, President Six will send out the weight room schedule and the benefits of weight training.  A car wash at Palumbos should be scheduled the Saturday before the spring sports seasons begins.


One year HULD membership with unlimited video service will be purchased for $1,400.  The new coach should have film to review. HUDL membership may be shared by multiple teams and sports.  Youth football, for example, can add their teams and would like to split the cost.  However, sharing costs is contingent on the new football coach.  HUDL can be used as a fundraising tool, i.e. access may be sold to parents and grandparents.  HUDL Add-On feature is now $195.  This feature does not have to be paid at this time. HUDL was due one week ago.  Treasurer Derda will provide a check to President Six to expedite HUDL payment.


Special Business: Survey of membership:  The purpose of the survey is to obtain parents’ opinions about the TD Club’s fundraising activities.  Another purpose is to educate families about how these funds benefit the program. President Six is not certain a survey will provide useful information to the Club.  However, if the Club wants to conduct the survey, President Six will support it.  Further discussions ensued regarding the pros and cons of survey-taking in this environment.  The Survey was tabled.


Banquet 2015: A $500.00 deposit is required to reserve the date at Woodwinds.  Co-VP Moscato has contacted the catering hall, Bill Miller.  Bill Miller charges $23/person.  The venue does not have to be approved by the new coach. Co-VP Moscato will visit Bill Miller this week to discuss that venue’s offerings.


Scholarship Status Report:  The 2015 Scholarship amount has been confirmed at $300. The total amount in the scholarship fund account is $695.08.   


2019 Class:  The 8th-grade parents need to be added to our mail list so they are kept informed about the Club’s activities.  The Downers will provide a list of the 8th-grade players. Feedback from the 8th -grade youth football players, regarding their experiences over the last year would be interesting.  The Downers were asked if they would be interested in being the 9th-grade team class representatives.  They will consider this role but would like to know what the job entails.  Michele Robertino will provide this information to them.   


2015 Budget:  The Club needs to approve the 2015 budget by March.  Part of the planning process will be to consider historic income sources and new opportunities for example:  Selling advertising by viewing the HUDL site; Dues or membership fees; Reverse letter writing campaign; Inclusion of the dance team and cheerleaders in the 50/50 fundraiser; March Madness social and ESPN Magazine sales. 


President Six makes a motion to donate $130 to the American Cancer Society from funds raised during the 50/50 raffle and it was unanimously agreed upon.


The next TD Club meeting will be March 10, 2015.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM by President Six.