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GHS TouchDown Club

Meeting Minutes

January 14, 2015

Call to order

Lanny Six called to order the regular meeting of the GHS Touch Down Club at 7:40 PM on January 14, 2015 at the Menunketuck Room at the Guilford Town Community Center.

Roll call

Stephanie Moscato circulated an attendance sheet. The following persons were present: Stephanie Moscato, Jacquelyn Anderson Kronengold, Chris Jankura, Alex Conover, Frank Ralston, Tara Huffman, Scott Audet, Doug Downer, AE Cox, Angelo Moscato, Michele Robertino, Jane Six, Lanny Six, Brad Currier, Pat Witheirl, Sebastian Derda, Jill Hilert, Dave Filley, Jake Jarvis, Doug Fazzione, Bob Swan, Shanon Cirillo and Ron Nault.

New Business

Jake Jarvis, Athletic Director – GHS:  The order of the agenda was changed to accommodate Jake Jarvis, GHS Athletic Director.  The “Old Business” segment was conducted after Mr. Jarvis’ presentation/Q&A.

New Coach Hiring Process: .  This position has been posted statewide and is open to anyone. Applications will be accepted till January 31, 2015.  May have to extend “Call for Applications,” if suitable candidates are not found at or near the deadline.  While Mr. Jarvis did not provide the number of applications submitted, he said that a good amount of applications had been received.  Unfortunately, GHS is not the only school seeking a head coach.  There are currently 13 other schools across the state seeking new head football coaches.  Not much was said about the current applicant pool, as far as their experience and how many applications had already been received.  A coach’s stipend is negotiated with the teachers’ contract.  The main criterion for hiring is experience but applicants do not have to necessarily have been a head coach.  Specifically GHS looking for:  Coaching history, how they treat the kids.  The second interview will involve more in depth questions.  This is the same process for all new coach hires. There is no bias toward hiring a teacher.  A new coach will in all likelihood bring new assistant coaching staff.  A committee will be formed to make a final decision.  Mr. Jarvis would like to include players on that committee. Mr. Miscenti will make the final decision. Jarvis is hoping to hire by the end of February.  He (Jarvis) would coach if a suitable candidate was not found. 

Off-Season Activities:  Chris Scaggs, asst. football coach has been hired to conduct intramural weight-lifting sessions Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays in the weight room.  There will be no Spring football because of the school move.  In lieu of the Spring session, Summer session can start a week early.  The League met today (January 14, 2015) and discussed the schedule.  Will see open dates for the State.

Funding:    The FY2015 budget request was submitted in late October.

The Snack Shack:  The concession stand will not be demolished.  However, the weight room will be torn down.  The concession stand gets its water and electricity from the weight room.  This will occur when the old school closes, sometime in the Spring.  Since the concession stand provides a huge income for all the teams, in the short term, a solution needs to be found. 

Mr. Jarvis concluded his presentation at 8:05 PM.

Meeting Minutes from December 2014:The minutes from the last meeting were reviewed.  David Filley made a motion that the minutes from the last meeting be accepted.  Chris Jankura seconded.

Treasury Report:  Shanon Cirillo, treasurer, presented the treasury report as of December 31, 2014.  The budget/expenditure report was circulated to all meeting participants.  The TD Club has a fund balance of $8,000 about the same amount as last year.

Scholarship Fund:  The scholarship amount has been raised to $300.00.  Need to confirm, with the High School, the dollar amount by January 23, 2015.  The scholarship should be dependent on how much we raise but also a set amount should be determined.    

Banquet:  Shanon gives the banquet budget review.  2015 banquet will be at Woodwinds.  Dave will take a look at the banquet breakdown expenditures and deposits.  Copies given to Dave and Stephanie.

1980’s-Themed Fundraiser:  Michele Robertino, chairperson of the event, gave her report:  The 80’s fundraiser was a success. TD Club made $1,280.  Fifty-eight people attended.   See accounting sheet for full list of expenditures.

Dues for Players? /TD Club Fundraising Activities:  Survey has been tabled till February.  There’s no rule against us getting corporate sponsors because we can link their pages to our site and Facebook pages.  Banners could replacement to the Ad Book. 

HUDL:  A discussion about whether or not HUDL was paid ensued.  Who has made the payment?  Lanny asked when HUDL was last paid.  Lanny will contact aTom to gain access to site.

Passing League:  The passing league would usually occur from January – February.  In all likelihood this will not happen without a head coach. 

Club Insurance:  The club insurance is due in September.    Covered:  DO, General liability and Med Pay.  We increased our coverage. 

Nominations and voting – the floor was opened to additional nominees for Co-Vice President.Chris Jankura and Stephanie Moscato remained unopposed, with no arguments.According to Roberts Rules of Order, since there was no opposition, a vote did not need to be taken - the secretary is supposed to make the motion to accept the new officers.However, since the past secretary was a nominee for Co-Vice President, and the secretary for 2015 season was new, David Filley, former president of the club, moved that Chris and Stephanie be elected.


Lanny Six adjourned the meeting at 8:50 PM.

Minutes submitted by:  Jacquelyn A. Kronengold

Minutes approved by:  Board, February 10, 2015