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Guilford High School Touchdown Club – October 14, 2014 Minutes

Guilford Community Center

Call To Order

1.  Meeting was called to order at 7:35pm.                                                                                         

2.  In attendance:  Dave Filley, Stephanie Moscato, Chris Jankura, Shanon Cirillo, Jon Pensa, Alex Conover, Michele Robertino, Sebastian Derda, and Jill Hilgert.

Acceptance of Minutes:  Minutes from September 2014 meeting unanimously accepted and to be placed on the website.

Announcements/Introductions: Michele mentioned that Brownstone restaurant owner in Guilford may be interested in sponsoring our team futuristically and should be approached.

Committee Reports/Old Business:

1. Treasurer Report:(Shanon) Account  balance =  $8,111.93, (copies of monthly budget and expenditure reports filed)  Deposits from Concessions and tie fundraiser reviewed, golf deposit returned and income from driveway Gs.

2. October Fundraisers: (Chris) Chili cook-off made $225. Event was fun and to be tried again next year but not on Pink Night.  Michele would love to also try to increase participation of all grades. Pies: Chris needs to obtain check from Shanon for day of pie delivery.  Total made on the FR will be dependent on total sold.  Cheerleading is also participating in this FR this yr. to off set their sr. nite and banquet costs. AD book:  has made apporx. $3,975 with a print cost of $925 and an expense of Adobe program at $90.80 for Melissa to format booklet which is non transferrable.  Grossing ~$2,959.00. TYCO in New Haven used for printing. 200 copies printed.  Alex is sending out thank yous to companies that placed ads with a copy of the ad book.  Business ad input was much lower this yr than last. Alex suggested explaining the ad book and its purpose to freshmen parents, mandatory that STEADY photos not be used for individual ads, and to start earlier with ad campaign. Extension of campaign allowed for a few more ads this yr.  Tag Sale: Jackie had worked extremely hard to put the tag sale together and unfortunately it only made $544. It was suggested to not do the tag sale again next year but to plan another care wash in its place perhaps on that Sunday. 50/50: Pink nite donations returned and all going to American Cancer Society. Discussion: The group brought up the concern of so much fundraising this year and that some families have been complaining. It was discussed how our lower numbers do impede our ability to fundraise successfully. This led to a discussion of the club’s decreased ability to also provide funding annually for an assistant coach, especially if numbers of players continues to be so low.  This to be discussed again when formulating budget for 2015.

3. Pasta Dinners: Huffman/Derda- going well with good participation of food makers/servers.

4. Spirit Wear: Sebastian to check in with total amount made from the season and a check back from GSG. Sebastian reported the school had accepted a new G logo for 2015.

5. Driveway G: (Steph) to send out last notification this week.

6. Ad Book: (Alex) already mentioned.

7. Pink Night: (Jill) $2,500 raised with Bishops sponsoring $500 (they have received sample shirts) She has 20 shirts remaining. Shirts sold at school for $10 to students and $5-players. It was suggested for next year to hand out player shirts prior to selling to student body to avoid students trying to bargain for the $5 price.

8. Smoker: Cancelled.

 New Business:

1.  SeniorNight: (Chris) Oct 30th. V. Jonathan Law. Cheer will be introduced at half time. Lecia Scranton getting large numbers for decorating.  Corsages and balloons will be purchased for event for moms of players and cheer and Steph to do program booklet and have it printed at Royal- 30 color and 80 b/w . Chris is still waiting on Coach write ups and who is accompanying players on the field for introduction announcement.

2.  Family Dinner: (Shanon) Nov 25th. She is getting prices for food from GFC etc. Lela Stokes and Cheryl DePalo are on comte to help. Alex to order cake from BigY with Picture on it. Email reminders to go out to families to bring $5-$10 gifts to be raffled off to the boys that night and desserts two weeks prior to event.  John to investigate senior parents purchase of a TV or refrigerator to be raffled off to seniors only. Shanon to get thank you notes to boys to fill out for their parents.

3.  “Burning of the Shoe”: Nov. 25th. Angelo, Greg and Lanny.Dave to email Jarvis regarding possibility of having event on school property with construction (which kids preferred to Fireman’s field).

4. Adult Fundraiser: (Michele)To be held at Anthony’s Saturday, Nov 8th. All To continue to spread the word and advertise event! Face Book event to be created. Any business donations for the nite would be welcome in addition to what Michele has already gone out and gotten herself. TDC agreed to donate a G stencil for the raffle.

5. Team Breakfast-(Steph) November  26th   to be scheduled at VFW   10am-noon.

6. Thanksgiving Day Game Tailgate: TDC to send email to all members to encourage them to all come out for a tailgate at the surf club prior to the game. Everybody to bring food to share. Grills are available.

Upcoming Business:

1. Banquet: (Shanon) Wed. December 10th.  Invites for banquet should be prepared to be handed out at the Family dinner.

2. Nomination Committee:  pending                                                                                                           

3.Board Positions for 2015:      pending                                                                                                                                  

4. Scholarship for 2015:       pending                                                                                                                  

Meeting Adjourned at 8:55pm   Next Meeting Thursday, November 13th at 7:30 pm @ Rec. Ctr./ Alexander Lounge!!