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Guilford High School Touchdown Club – June 10, 2014 Minutes

Guilford Community Center

Call To Order

1.  Meeting was called to order at 7:35pm.

2.  In attendance:  Dave Filley, Stephanie Moscato, Shanon Cirillo, Jill Hilgert, Sebastian Derda, Chris Jankura and Patti Iassogna.

Acceptance of Minutes:  Minutes from May 2014 meeting unanimously accepted and to be placed on the website once Coach’s practice days are confirmed and compared to what is on website as correct.  Steph to handle.

Announcements/Introductions Committee Reports/Old Business:

1.  Treasurer Report:(Shanon) Account  balance = $6,487.57  (copy of monthly budget reports filed) Wounded Warrior’s donation sent, scholarship funds paid out.  Go-Daddy.com paid for 2yrs and will be moved to website expenditures in budget. Tie and Golf outing deposits paid and put under non-budget items for the moment.  All Car wash profits throughout the year to be put under Fundraiser #1 line item.  It was discussed to put a percentage of TDC gross income toward increasing the scholarship fund for the coming year also to possibly include GYF and alumni in donation requests via email and facebook.

2. Shack: (Filley)BOE needs to be presented with proposed shack expenditures to be spread out over time to be shared between all  sports clubs delineating who will use the shack. Dave and Sebastian to work together to come up with a maintenance budget and draft a letter to clubs about the situation.  Fan specs to be reviewed and in line for immediate replacement/installation.

3.  Fundraising Committees: (Chris)Ties- 200 have been ordered with expected delivery in the next few weeks. To be sold at $20/tie. Coach in agreement that boys should be responsible for selling 3-4 ties themselves to participate toward fundraising efforts. Pies: set with Lyman to be sold in October. Top pie sellers will go into a raffle for a sweatshirt/water bottle. Cruises: CT river is expensive, looking into Thimble Island Cruise.  Golf Outing: (Jon Pensa N/A) Trimino asked to be Title sponsor but are not able at this time.  Title sponsor to  be $2500.  Jon has a cmte of 3 people working on outing. Chubb reported to be a hole sponsor.Youth pasta day: to try to be held on a scrimmage day, date tbd-may sell tkts at LHF/discussed having photo opp with GHS team and youth.

4.  On-line Store/Spirit Wear: (Sebastian)Tweaking being done for embroidery and logo placement. Scarf price discussed and decided at $18.  Store to open for 2 weeks then close for processing for 2 weeks then open again. Store to open end of June.  Sebastian and Shanon to test the pay pal acct. for $1.  Golf Outing Store now available on website for registration and sponsorship of the event. Treasurer receiving a copy of receipt with registration in order to keep track of attendees.

 5. Donation Letters: (Jankura/Conover) completed to Palumbo’s and Six family.

6. Pre-game Pasta Dinners: (Filley) Game schedules to be obtained in order to reserve café rooms with GHS for these events.

7.  Banquet: (Patti) Further discussion took place trying to get a better handle on banquet expenses.  It was determined to breakdown the list of expenses and add them as line items and adjust the budget accordingly which would then be voted upon. David also requested further investigation into venues outside of St. George’s if it is not available for a host site. Ways to decrease overall cost were to decrease paying for coach’s guests and other free invites also charging a percentage of total fee to under classmen.

  1. Weight Room Plaques:  (Steph)Plaques given to Sebastian for possible engraving.  List of names to go on plaques can possibly be determined from website article.

New Business:

1.  Coach’s Spot: N/A

2.  Cookout for spring football: TDC would prefer to have it on the Wed the 18th as the 19th is graduation day and last day of school. Pizza preferred vs. a cook out. Expected expenses figured between $120 and $175 to host event which TDC is in agreement to do but has not been budgeted.  Steph to notify Coach that we are willing to move ahead with this event with his knowledge of unexpected expense to TDC and updated date.

3.  Yale Camp-Buses: Buses to be ordered. Steph to determine specific times via Tom as to am and pm pick up drop off times and report back to Board. Rides for 30 people needed.

4.  Parent Meeting-date: Waiting on date from Coach so we can get emergency/fundraising paperwork together and plan possible TDC intro mtg. for new parents etc.

5.  June Fundraisers: Car wash at Palumbos proposed for mid-summer. Chris to look into scheduling the event.

6.  TDC-By Law Committee: copies given out and members asked to again read and review for discussion of possible changes to old by-laws for next meeting. Sebastian to post by-laws to website so they can be viewed by all.

7. G-Stencil:  Steph to determine where abouts of stencil and retrieve it.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:03pm   Next Meeting Tuesday, July 8th at 7:30 pm @ Rec. Ctr./ Alexander Lounge!!