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Guilford High School Touchdown Club – April 8, 2014 Minutes

Guilford Community Center

Call To Order

1.  Meeting was called to order at 7:30pm.

2.  In attendance:  Dave Filley, Tom Unger, Stephanie Moscato, Shanon Cirillo, Chris Jankura, Sebastian Derda, and Patti Iassogna, Alex Conover, Lela Stokes, Jon Pensa, and Joe Iassogna.

Acceptance of Minutes:  Minutes from March, 2014 meeting unanimously accepted and to be placed on the website.

Announcements/Introductions: (none)

Committee Reports/Old Business:

1.  Treasurer Report:(Shanon) Account  balance = $8,399.86.  (copy of monthly budget report filed)A $200 payment made to fire dept and coaches stipend line amount has been updated to reflect increase to $4,008. David has sent letter of intent to Jarvis regarding this donation.

2.  Carwash:(Chris) successful event at Palumbos. Chris to send thank you note. Sebastian suggested purchasing Shamies for next car wash as towels get wet and dirty.

3.  King Crab Sled:(Filley)  Shanon has ordered the sled to be shipped.  $150 donation received from the Six family to help offset the TDC cost. Alex to send a thank you for their generous donation.

4.  Fundraising Committees: (Chris)Ties-Chris waiting for seniors to respond as to which designs they want to use but will go ahead and order 50/50-100 total to be sold. Set up fee will be $99. Pie fundraiser to be set up for the fall. Corby to take on Driveway Gs all other committees have chairs at this time-list of proposed events/chairs presented and submitted. Golf Outing: Jon Pensa has been in contact with Tracy Lynch at Lyman 18 hole Course.  A $500 deposit needed to hold the date. Looking for a weekday during the last week of August from 10-2p. Lyman Cost is $85-90/pp for lunch and golf. He suggested to charge ppl $150 for the day with a foursome to cost $600.  He will check into a minimum. Event will be for adults only. It was suggested to sell items during the course of the event and Jon is looking for sponsors. He is hoping to raise btwn $5&6,000 if event is successful.  Early advertising needs to be done on website. He would like people to assist him with event and wants a committee. Sebastian to send out request for assistants on website. David to speak with Jarvis to get approval for event before we send deposit. Joe I. voiced concern about the success of this event in the past and whether it should be something we continue as it did not make much money other than what was donated by some parents.  Jon and Dave want to try event again.

5.  Spirit Wear: Sebastian provided information brochure to Board to review for pricing he will also be working with coach on team wear. He will set up 2 separate stores on the website for purchasing when ready to sell items.

  1. Officer's Insurance Policy: (Alex)  Updated policy needs to be signed by Dave.  Medical already in place.  Indemnity piece will be retro active with signature.
  2. Letter to Incoming Freshmen Parent: (Steph) Letter sent via email to families.  Michele Robertino has expressed interest in being the Class of 2018 Representative.

8.  National Football Scholar Athlete: $150 ad paid for by TDC in support of Joe Nault. Paperwork & check given to Coach for him to send out with a personalized ad

9.  Dues: (discussion tabled)

10.  Letter of intent for Coach stipend sent to Jarvis by David.



New Business:

1.  Donations:already mentioned

2.  Pre-game pasta dinners: to be made and donated by families (no meat)to cut cost. Joe voiced concern about food being provided by families-David to clarify the appropriateness of this with Jarvis.

3.  Family Dinner

4. Banquet: Patti has itemized expenditures of event from last yr. 83 guests were paid for by the TDC @ a cost $1,963. Senior gifts=$1,400, programs=$150, flowers=$80,t-shirts=$790,trophies=$228, coach gifts=$1000, meals=$1300. Parents pd $30/head to attend. Line items being re-evaluated to see where costs can be cut.  Woodwinds will refund deposit only if they can rebook date.  Discussed seniors attending banquet free and underclassmen participating a percentage. No decisions made. Pattie to follow up with Father Shanley again regarding church hall.

5. Fundraisers in April/new ideas: Art show/sale, Booze cruise, Ct river cruise, Stoney Creek cruise.  Joe I. reminded the group of the TDC charter purpose as he recalls them.  David to review these. Joe I. suggested not sharing any fundraising events or funds with other groups again

6. Freshmen Team Rep- Robertino

7. Shack:needs a fan, water heater is being replaced by Jarvis/school, a new coffee pot needs to be purchased or donated. David to clarify with Jake whose responsibility the shack actually is and who can be asked to help repair and pay for maintenance since so many groups utilize it. HS winterizes the building yearly.

8. Plaque engraving for wt. room:It was decided to utilize the money made from concession sales at the weight-a-thon to pay for engraving at $5 per plaque x 12. Coach to organize info and pass on to Steph.

9. Cheerleaders:TDC considering continuing to pay for cheerleaders at banquet and discussed Pros and cons of Increasing their involvement in our FB fundraisers ie. Carwashes was discussed but not decided upon. Chris to contact the Cheer coordinator and ask if she would like to attend a mtg. Joe noted that Cheer has their own budget through the athletic dept.

10. Coach: asked to be put on the agenda for a “Coach’s Spot” so he can provide updates at every mtg. Coach reported he is in good communication with GYF this yr and had a youth clinic last week with some of our offensive players in attendance to review drills.  GYF seems more receptive to following guidance/plan put forth from the hs.  Coach announced Tony Pensa and Nash Singleton have been voted in as captains for the upcoming yr. Yale non-contact camp has many 8th graders signed up.  Sebastian to send out application for camp on the website this week. Spring FB is an extension of the season and good for recruiting purposes.  It will be 7 on 7 with some possible linemen drills.  Summer passing league will be Monday June 30th

Meeting Adjourned at 9:00pm   Next Meeting Tuesday, May 6th at 7:30 pm @ Rec. Ctr./ Alexander Room!!