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Guilford High School Touchdown Club – March 11, 2014 Minutes

Guilford Community Center

Call To Order

1.  Meeting was called to order at 7:31pm.

2.  In attendance:  Dave Filley, Tom Unger, Stephanie Moscato, Shanon Cirillo, Chris Jankura, Sebastian Derda, and Patti Iassogna.

Acceptance of Minutes:  Minutes from February 2014 meeting unanimously accepted and to be placed on the website.

Announcements/Introductions: (none)

Committee Reports/Old Business:

1.  Treasurer Report:(Shanon) Account  balance = $7,718.06.  All amounts reviewed. Shanon and John Knapp met to review position. (copy of monthly budget report filed)TDC 2014 Budget has been sent to Jake Jarvis for review.  Letter of intent to go to Jarvis re: coach’s stipend for 2014. Steph to formulate letter.

2.  Scholarship Fund:(Stephanie) All papers have been filed with Guidance including the updated criteria of a 4yr committed player (removing wording of a 2 yr Varsity player) Senior packets went out with an error. Steph contacted Lizotte to clarify criteria, this will be rectified for the future. Sebstian posted scholarship on website. Steph emailed senior players and family to confirm updated criteria and to encourage them to apply.

3.  Weight Lifting/Breakfast & Awards:  Competition was on 3/7 and Team brkft on 3/15 at VFW @ an increase of $12/pp. VFW to send invoice directly to Shanon’s home-address from caterer Larry Santa Maria. Weight a thon pledges for Yale camp and Wounded Warrior project are due to Coach by 3/21.  Sebastian to make T-shirts for Sat. (750 & 850 Club for those who reached that goal at Glfd Sprtg Goods) Car wash to follow at Palumbos weather permitting-still need parents to help/Steph to bring posters.

4.  King Crab Sled: Coach and David received a quote for item to purchase from Gilman. They are checking on delivery costs. Sebastian offered to pick it up to save money if necessary.

5.  Fundraising Committees:Committees being filled to the point where a FR mtg may not be necessary. Patti to follow up with John Pensa to make sure he is definitely on for managing the golf outing. TDC looking at Aug 23rd for a Pasta dinner at St. George in combination with youth. Patti to ask Father Shanley about the usage of the hall for this event and the possibility of having the banquet there as well.  Ties: Chris is waiting on 3 quotes and then will have seniors decide on their favs based on mock ups done. Goal is to have tie sell for no more than $10 realizing there is a set up fee. Sebastian offered to make fliers and place them in mail boxes to help promote “Give me a G” driveway sales.  Discussed donating a “G” to our involved sponsors ie. Palumbos…along with other free items ie apparel. Corby to be approached as a cmte head. Ad Book:suggestions made that each kid should try to sell to 1 business each, letters should go out to businesses to get ads, and families should only have to pay $25 for their ad…all to be formally decided on by committee.

6.  Spirit Wear: Sebastian provided information and samples from Guilford sporting Goods and reviewed how the ordering would work with 12 piece minimum to process. Logo for the year still to be decided on for apparel.  The production of A “super-fan” shirt was discussed as an option for the Hand game in particular. Coach is comfortable using this vendor for both team and fan wear. Coach would like the boys to get a shirt and short set at the beginning of summer work outs

7.  Website:  (Sebastian)It was noted that some 2014 email addys had been removed from site. Sebastian to see if they have been placed in alumni category.

  1. Officer's Insurance Policy: Shanon has located documentation from AIM that the TDC does have a basic insurance policy. It is paid up until Sept. 2014. It is unclear if it is an Officer Indemnity policy as we thought. Alex to look into what the exact coverage is an dhow we may need to adjust the policy and will report back at next mtg.


  1. Meeting Attendance: Steph to formulate a letter prior to April Mtg to send to incoming freshmen parents explaining the TDC, encouraging new members/attendance at mtgs and asking for a Class of 2018 Rep.

New Business:

1.  National Football Scholar Athlete: $150 ad paid for by TDC in support of Joe Nault. Paperwork & check given to Coach for him to send out with a personalized ad

2.  Fundraising Committees:  (Chris/Alex) see above

3. Coach’s Items: Coach stated he was not in support of charging dues to the players at this time. He discussed various ways in which we could save money, ie. Charging for summer lifting $50/kid. Coach’s goal is to increase numbers over the next yr to ~75 players in program. This would hopefully provide more encouragement for the BOE to reinstate the additional coach’s stipend into their budget which has been picked up by the TDC for the past couple of years.  Coach also feels as though while the banquet is a necessary event, that it does not need to be held at such an expensive venue and would rather cut costs on this and put the money back into the program during the yr. He requested Woodwinds be cancelled and another venue be researched. Patti to contact Woodwinds and see about a reimbursement since a down payment of $500 has already been given. She will also prepare a monetary breakdown of banquet costs for the next mtg. She and Shanon to look at other venues. Members expressed wanting the event catered with servers so parents could relax regardless of venue.  Coach also addressed end of the yr coaches gift, that while they were appreciated, perhaps it should be downsized as well and look into a garment option as a gift. Coach also questioned the Game day pasta dinners and their necessity.  He would prefer the boys get home early to rest up for the next day. No final decision made on this.  Overall thought to decrease costs on these is to serve just pasta, salad, and bread and have the parents provide the food vs. having it catered.  Coach reminds TDC we are a direct reflection of him and the team and all decisions need to be run by him.

4. Copies:Sebastian offered to make copies of mtg and agenda notes etc. to save $

5.  Dues: discussion tabled

Meeting Adjourned at 9:18pm   Next Meeting Tuesday, April 8th at 7:30 pm @ Rec. Ctr./ Alexander Room!!