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Guilford High School Touchdown Club – Feb. 11, 2014 Minutes
Guilford Community Center
Call To Order
1.  Meeting was called to order at 7:31pm.
2.  In attendance:  Dave Filley, Alex Conover, Stephanie Moscato, Shanon Cirillo, Chris Jankura, Rob Tepley, John Russell, Sebastian Derda, Jill Hilgert.
Acceptance of Minutes:  Minutes from January 2014 meetings unanimously accepted and to be placed on the website.
1.  Going forward, David’s goal is to keep mtgs to approx an hour.  The Exec Board will be meeting bi-monthly as needed and members will get an update at membership mtg.  Members are encouraged to join individual committees in order to have more involvement.
Committee Reports/Old Business:
1.  Treasurer Report:(Shanon) Account  balance = $8,323.06.  All amounts reviewed. Very little activity this month. Shanon still has to follow up with John Knapp re: some treasury details. (copy of monthly budget report filed)
2.  Scholarship Fund:(Stephanie to be contact) GHS Scholarship forms for TDC Scholarship to be filled out and submitted tomorrow to athletic dept. AD dept to make the decision on the recipient based upon unanimously agreed upon criteria: Passion/Commitment to FB program, 2 years of Varsity play, 3.25 GPA, written letter of interest as why they are deserving. Lecia to be asked if we can notify students of the scholarship availability on our own website.
3.  Weight Lifting/Breakfast & Awards:  Competition on 3/7.  Alex suggested asking for water and granola bar donations from families for the event.  Weight-a-thon:Coach is going to have boys get donations based on amt of weight the lift. Coach will send out the form.  Proceeds to be split 50/50-going to Yale camp to offset costs for all players participating,  and a charity to be chosen by the team.  John Russell will offer to Coach to take pics during tourney if he would like.  List of charities developed and sent to coach for his review.  Steph to contact VFW to arrange breakfast for 3/8 ~10am. Cost has been $10/pp in past.  Tom to handle awards himself. Unsure whether Tom has secured a sponsor for T-shirts- David to f/u on that.
4.  Website:  (Sebastian) He is cleaning up the site, updating needed physical and emergency forms, and providing links to social media ie. FB. There are old sponsors still advertised on the site.  He and Chris will determine cost and length of time sponsorship lasts.  David suggested having a cmte focused on getting sponsors for the website in conjunction with ad book.  Chris J has followed up with league athletics confirming our acceptance of $400/yr for continued service. Chris also mentioned the availability of a Sideliners scholarship should be mentioned on the website.
5.  Save the Dates: Sebastian to put these on website so families are regularly updated.
Mar. 7th/8th- Weight lifting comp/breakfast
Spring football-btwn Mem. Day and EOS
Yale Camp- June 23-26th –Open to incoming freshmen!
Lineman Challenge- July 26th

6. King Crab Sled :
Members are in agreement to put aside funds to make this purchase. David to follow up with Coach as to how to go about ordering this piece of equipment.
7. TDC Donation to GYF Superbowl Registration Event: Driveway G donated. Mark Chapman from youth has our contact info and will follow up with us as to the winner. 
8. Endzone Camera: TDC is not able to budget for a full purchase of this camera; GYF has expressed interest in making this purchase. Coach Unger is in discussions with GYF to work out details of a "usage agreement" should a purchase fo through. TDC to assist in this if Coach requests this.
9. Officer's Insurance Policy:  Shanon has located documentation from AIM that the TDC does have a basic insurance policy. It is paid up until Sept. 2014. It is unclear if it is an Officer's Indemnity policy. Alex to look into what the exact coverage is and how we may need to adjust that for future protection.

New Business:
1.  2014 Budget Proposal: (Shanon)Line items reviewed/explained. 4 big fundraisers proposed. Coach stipend supported. Busing to Yale camp to be covered. As an amendment, Rob suggested removing the acct balance from proposed budget which would show as an overall deficit.  Website expenditure to be amended to $400/yr.  Members felt comfortable voting on proposed budget at this time with said amendments and it was accepted unanimously.  Budget will be posted on website when amended.(hard copy of proposed budget filed).
2.  Fundraising Committees:  (Chris/Alex) Looking for Committee Heads to head up the new/old fundraisers-green folders being collected.  Lists of possible ideas for fundraisers and Committees to support this were formulated and read off by Chris. John Russell offered to run a Pig Roast with possible venue of Jacob’s beach which does not charge for usage.  Cooking on premises needs to be confirmed. New Ideas encouraged and suggested including but not limited to: rest. Cards, ties, pie sales, lanyards, Cow Plop(held 2 wks after tkt sales at fair), Farinas-tip a coach/kid, family pasta dinner with youth-Aug 23 or 24th to correlate with their first game.
3.  Meeting Attendance:  Steph to formulate a letter to send to incoming freshmen explaining the TDC, encouraging new members/attendance at meetings and asking for a Class of 2018 Representative.
4.  Spirit Wear:  Sebastian provided information from the “new” Guilford sporting Goods and their desire to provide swag for the FB team/fans.  Prices and vendor to be reviewed and shared with Coach.  Thought is there would be separate swag for team vs. fans.
Meeting Adjourned at 8:55pm   Next Meeting Tuesday, March 11th at 7:30 pm @ Rec. Ctr. Check board in hall for room assignment!!