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Guilford High School Touchdown Club – Jan. 14, 2014 Minutes
Guilford Community Center
Call To Order
1.  Meeting was called to order at 7:37pm.
2.  In attendance:  Dave Filley, Alex Conover, Patti Iassogna, John Knapp, Stephanie Moscato, Shanon Cirillo, Chris Jankura, Jon Pensa, Rob Tepley, Melissa DeMille, John Russell, Miggs Surgenor, Sebastian Derda, Jill Hilgert, Paul Korik, Lela Stokes, and Tom Unger.
Acceptance of Minutes:  Minutes from December 2013 meetings unanimously accepted and to be placed on the website.
1.  John Russell offered to take over the video taping of games for the HS.
Committee Reports/Old Business:
1.  Treasurer Report:(John) year end account  balance = $8,123.06. The scholarship fund has $565.01.  The overall income for the year is $2000 under what the club initially budgeted for.  The year has been closed out as of 1/14/14, there are no outstanding bills at this time.  If unexpected additional income should be received at this point from last year, it should be reflected on the 2014 balance. John to train the new treasurer.  A new club credit card to be ordered.  February will propose 2014 budget.  1st Qtr Off season expenses per John estimated at $3200 with a slight increase added for team transportation to Yale camp if budgeted and agreed upon by TDC. (copy of budget filed)
2.  Snack Shack:  (David) Water heater needed fixing due to leaks.  Locks and keys will be changed this year to the shed.  Jarvis and a custodian in addition to the Filleys will have a copy of the key.  Another arrangement will be made with GYF for use of the shack for 2014 season. Power to the shack was turned off 12/8/13.
3.  Scholarship Fund:  David spoke with Joe Iassogna (& cmte) who relayed the scholarship fund should be decided based on highest GPA.  Paperwork for scholarship to be filled out and presented to the A.D.  It was discussed that players needed to be notified of the availability of this fund.  A decision needed to be made as to whether Seniors need to express their interest with an application.  Scholarship to be awarded at the end of the year at Sr. Award Night.  It was agreed that the decision of the applicant to receive the scholarship be made by the GHS administrative staff.  Coach Unger also announced he would be choosing a scholar athlete to receive some funding which was also based on highest GPA. Future of the fund to still be discussed in terms of funding, amounts to give out /yr…discussion to be continued next month.
4.  Banquet:  (Patti) Wed night for the banquet seemed to work well for everyone.  Next year’s banquet has been tentatively scheduled for Wed. Dec. 10, 2014.  Funds have been rolled over to reserve that.  Patti has a copy of the signed contract.  GHS needs to guarantee 185 guests.  This year we met that quota with everyone paying however, not everyone attended.  Next year’s cost will go up $1.00/head totaling $26.95/pp.
New Business:
1. Coach Unger/Football News:  Coach requested that all decisions made by the booster club need to go through the head coach.  Passing League: to be held at the No Brfd Sportsplex now until Mar. 30th.  Morgan, Hand and Guilford participating. With 15-20 players each.  Lifting Competition: to be held March 7th.  Same teams to participate this year with the possible addition of Amity.  Coach Duggan and Criscuolo assisting.  Trophy Depot to provide trophies.  Coach handles ordering these and there is no expense to TDC.  Lifting Breakfast: the day after the competition to be planned at VFW? for all those who participate. Supplement  City:  located near Planet Fitness has expressed interest in possibly sponsoring a T-shirt for the competition.  Coach also notes they provide good nutrition programs focusing on increased proteins and carbs for healthy growth and muscle development if parents are interested.  They may also have interest in advertising in the ad book this year. Incoming Freshmen: have been added to the list serve and have started weekly workouts in the weight room.  Plan is to attempt to get 30 kids for the freshman team next year with a goal of 80 players in total.  Spring Football: Will be scheduled this year consisting of a short season of 10 practices scheduled btwn Mem. Day and the end of the school yr. It is a 7 on 7 format and is contact free.  Additionally it is a good way to recruit new players.  Lineman Challenge:  Scheduled for the last Saturday in July.  Last year the team came in 2nd out of 35 participating towns. Hope is to take 2 teams this yr.  Cost to participate is $175 for one team with an additional $125 for a 2nd team.  Summer Football Day Camp @ Yale: Players to be encouraged to attend this.  Scheduled Monday, June 23rd thru Fri. June 28th. TDC will try to budget to pay for the bus transportation, but individuals will be responsible for the cost of the camp. Per Coach, Sideliners Club may be able to provide some scholarship $ for this camp. Filming/HUDL: Coach would like freshmen games taped. John Russell expressed concern about copyrights on videos and how that may pertain to HUDL.  He and David plan to look at the HUDL contract to determine this. TDC has paid for HUDL use since the HS has used the program. Coach provided a HUDL handout to parents and explained it is a great tool to have games stored online for instructional, coaching and college recruiting purposes. Best to use Chrome Browser with program. Goals for 2014: Bring more kids into the program, (If this is accomplished he may be able to get his 5th assistant coach’s stipend covered by the BOE-which is currently covered by the TDC), work hard on the off season and Win more games! Coach’s Wish List: Yale Camp $ assist from TDC, King crab sled @ $250-300, relatable contract with GYF to use the end zone camera they plan to purchase. David to follow up on this with GYF to try and get a rental contract/guarantee for Friday usage. Webmaster: to send out reminders soon of scheduled events to allow parents to plan and encourage increased attendance.
2.  Fundraising Committees:  Looking for Committee Heads to head up the various fundraisers from the past.  New Ideas encouraged and suggested.  Jon Pensa offered to head up the Golf Tournament for the 2014 season.  Give me a G website will still be maintained by the VPs.
3.  Website:  Chris J suggested looking in to lower our website expenses to a more comparable rate to other leagues when we update our contract this year.  Treasurer will verify current yearly rate and Sebastian will follow up on this with League athletics.
4.  Board Nominations/Elections for 2014:  Alex Conover and Chris Jankura will serve as co- VPs focusing on fundraising efforts, Shanon Cirillo will take on the position of treasurer, Sebastian Derda will serve as the league webmaster.  All positions unanimously voted into place for the 2014 season.
Meeting Adjourned at 8:57pm   Next Meeting Tuesday, February 11th at 7:30 pm @ Rec. Ctr. Check board in hall for room assignment!!