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Guilford High School Touchdown Club – Dec. 9, 2013 Minutes
Guilford Community Center
Call To Order
1.  Meeting was called to order at 7:42pm.
2.  In attendance:  Sue Knapp, Dave Filley, Alex Conover, Patti Iassogna, John Knapp, Stephanie Moscato, Shanon Cirillo, Chris Jankura, Jon Pensa, and Rob Tepley.
Acceptance of Minutes:  Minutes from November 2013 meetings unanimously accepted and to be placed on the website.
Committee Reports/Old Business:
1.  Treasurer Report:(John) Assets = $15,260.03 account  balance. Some ad monies are still outstanding and need to be recouped.(copy of budget filed)
2.  Snack Shack:  (David) End of year sale was not overly successful, but was able to bring in $220. Gatorade and smaller food items remaining are to be donated to food shelter.  David has collected all keys to the stand and plans to change locks for next season.  It was noted that Madison parents were selling food in our parking lot to their families during our Hand game.  This needs to be brought to the attention of the A.D. and addressed for next year.
  1. Scholarship Fund:  Fred Trotta and Ron Nault are leading up committee (with Sue Knapp, Patti I and Lucie A) Cmte still in discussions.
  2. Comedy Night: (Chris) A good turn out but came in under budget, netting $764 after expenses.  Discussed not dividing the event with hockey again and/or dividing it in half instead of thirds.  Discussion of other events such as a family pasta party at St. George were mentioned as suggestions to avoid doing the same thing every year.  A Drive through pasta party mentioned as well.
  3. Family Dinners/Bonfire: Family Dinner was successful.  Came in at $941which was a great savings. Ppl were happy with the food.  A darker location for the bonfire suggested for next year.
  4. Team Breakfast: Fun for boys. Cost was $600.
  5. Senior Night:  (Patti) Over all feeling was the presentation moved too fast. Not enough time for pictures. Suggested having an event regulator up in the box to help provide a better flow to the announcing. Timing of senior night to be discussed for next year and a date earlier in the season. Madison parents were not allowed on the field after the game as it was senior night.  David mentioned to avoid frustrated parents of opposing team this should be mentioned to the opposing team/parents prior to a senior night event
  6. Banquet: (Patti) Wed. Dec 11th, 6:30-9:30 @ Woodwinds. Current headcount is 187. (83 free meals including senior cheer and 104 paid meals) Patti handed over money that had been collected but noted there are still some outstanding payments she will attempt to follow up on.  Sue made 200 colored copies of the program for $145.  Senior gift will be a shell jacket provided by “Giggles” at $40/pp and a duffle bag at $83/pp. Totaling ~$125/player.  68 Team T-shirts ordered with “Chomp Chomp” and SCC Champs on sleeve! Seniors get a t-shirt with all four sayings from prior years.  “Big Meech”, “Win or Die” have been past sayings. Football Trophies cost $212.  Coaches gifts totaling $1000 will be given out in monetary and gift card presentations.  Thank you notes to be done by Steph.  Centerpieces were $80 for 20.  Senior boards to be put together by parents and presented on tables that night. Agenda of evening and speakers to be discussed with Coach Unger.  Senior class to be notified to remember their cheerleading guardian angel with a gift if appropriate.  No other gifts to be provided for them by the TD club.  An effort to have Cheer become more involved with our fundraising efforts to be discussed in new year.  Patti plans to roll over funds at Woodwinds in order to hold date for 2014 banquet.
  7. End Zone Camera:  It was mentioned that the youth program may be moving forward with a purchase of an end zone camera that the HS can borrow, David will seek confirmation of this.
New Business
  1. Board Positions for 2014:  Jay Criscuolo will remain on as statistician at this time.  Rob Tepley and John Knapp are stepping down.  Chris Jankura and Alex Conover are interested in being Co-VPs.  Shanon Cirillo, Jon Pensa, and Sebastian Derda interested in the Treasurer position.  They will be given an opportunity to speak if desired prior to a vote which is scheduled for January meeting.
  2.  Passing League:  David to talk to Coach Unger as to whether the team will be participating in the Trumbull passing league this winter so preparation of funds can be considered.
  3. Videographer Needed:  John Russell has offered to assist with this next season.
Meeting Adjourned at 9:10pm   Next Meeting Tuesday, January 14th at 7:30 pm @ Rec. Ctr. Check board in hall for room assignment!!