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Guilford High School Touchdown Club – Nov. 12, 2013 Minutes
Guilford Community Center
Call To Order
1.  Meeting was called to order at 7:37pm.
2.  In attendance:  Sue Knapp, Dave Filley, Alex Conover, Patti Iassogna, John Knapp, Lee Altieri, Lucie Altieri, Stephanie Moscato, Shanon Cirillo, Joanne Nault, Jill Hilgert, Chris Jankura, Kathy Sperry, Sebastian Derda, and Melissa DeMille.
Acceptance of Minutes:  Minutes from October 2013 meetings unanimously accepted and to be placed on the website.
Announcements: David passed around a letter from Paul Freeman noting receipt of our willingness to donate coaches stipend for 2013  season.  Carson Sperry sent a thank you note for TD cookie gift.
Committee Reports/Old Business:
1.  Treasurer Report:(John) Assets = $15341.09 account  balance. Kick back monies from Graph techs added to budget on a non-budget item line.  Pink Night donations to the ACS = $1603.50.  Benefit deemed a success.  GHS has a 3 yr donation total of approx-$9,000.  It was noted that projected expenses for camp and marketing will be zero this year. (copy of budget filed).
2.  Snack Shack:  (David) Doing well.  Stocked well for rest of season. Volunteers needed for busy Hand game. S. Derda mentioned asking GYF about remaining supplies and if they want to sell or donate to the HS. David to contact Carlos at GYF.
  1. Car Wash:  JoAnne Palumbos =$672 income for last minute organization-worth the effort.
  2. Golf Outing:  (Sue) $225 income with net of $105.  Fundraising folder to be set up for next yr. Manager at Guilford course did not cut us any deals.
  3. Driveway Gs:  (Moscato) $220 handed to John.  No more painting for the yr due to weather.  Thank you notes sent to paint store, (scholarship donator and dumpster provider.)
  4. Scholarship Fund:  Fred Trotta andRon Nault are leading up committee (with Sue Knapp, Patti I and Lucie A) to determine and present the criteria for review at next meeting.  Student will have to apply for the scholarship in order to be considered. Once parameters are in place the club can start advertising for donations.
  5. Pasta Dinners:  Naults and Knapps have donated their homes and time to host the last 2 remaining dinners at their homes to take the cost off of the Club.
  6. Comedy Night: (Chris) Hall has capacity for 220. Approx 150 tkts sold btwn fb, and girls and boys hockey.  Hockey insists all players sell 2 tkts whether they come ornot as an idea for next year.  $ coaches and date will be coming free this year-Chris has reserved a table. John discussed donating some free tkts (10 per club)to outside groups who have donated large amounts to the club in the past yr.  This will be considered and discussed with hockey as date gets closer and tkt sales are assessed.  Class reps to send out reminder info to teams.  Chris will investigate getting You-tube clips of comedians to send out to potential tkt purchasers. Everyone will be asked to bring a wine donation for the “Wall of Wine”.
  7. Family Dinners/Bonfire: Gretchen/Stephanie to organize and send out email using volunteer spot. 6-8pm 11/26 school cafeteria. Dinner has been catered in past. We have a budget of $1500 for the event but it was encouraged to keep the cost at $1000 for purchased food and then ask for donations for remaining items. Sue suggested contacting Ferraros for prices.  Raffle tkts will be given to each player and raffle gifts will be requested as a donation from each family.  Seniors will be having a separate raffle that night handled by Sue and Joanne.  Each Sr family donates $10 toward a TV.  Bonfire to follow.  Joe I and John Knapp have talked to Jarvis about fire placement at school, would like a new Dad to come and help to get ropes for next year, rain date for fire is 11/25.
  8. Team Breakfast: Has been set up by Matt Shilling and John Knapp at the VFW on 11/27 for 65 ppl at $10/pp.
  9. Senior Night:  (Patti & Chris) 11/28, Lucie handling escorting assignments  and Bo’s comments for announcing.  Cee to get survey done and speak with Unger for Coach comments of kids for program. Melissa to print and assemble program.  Alex to type. 30 color and 70 black and white programs should be ordered. Patti will get 9 corsages for the sr. cheerleaders and 14 for the sr boys to give to moms.  Flowers on the Green can do corsages for $5/each. Coach Unger to be asked about timing for field introductions on the field. 6:15 suggested.  Decorators needed to put up boys #s and other décor.  Team to meet Patti at turf at 4:30 that day.Melissa agreed to take photos of players and families on the field during this event.
  10. Banquet: (Patti) Wed. Dec 11th, 6:30-9:30 @ Woodwinds. 183 attended last year. Formal invites will go out to families at Family Dinner Night and checks can be taken that night as well.  Chris to send email blurb to “save the date”. (No raffles will be done at this event). Coaches and guests for free.  All players are free.  Sue is checking about sr cheerleaders and will notify Patti/Geralyn. Jarvis, Misenti,Scranton and Crisuolo will also be invited. John brought up making the price for the banquet 1 price for all and charging$10-15/pp then club would cover the rest. It was announced that every other club except football has upfront dues that are paid at the beginning of the season that would cover certain items liket the banquet.  This may make budgeting easier.  Due to lack of time to discuss and weigh options at present, it was decided to keep charge as is for this year and address this next year. There will be no centerpieces purchased by the club. Patti will follow up with Cee regarding what was spent on Coach’s gifts last year.  It was thought to be in the form of a Visa card – approx $85/per. Gifts totaled $650 which also included something for Crisuolo.  Senior gifts for cheerleaders:Joanne to handle guardian angel gift ideas. Nail certificates have been done in the past.  Sue to put together the program for the banquet. David to prepare a quick speech to present at the banquet
  11. 50/50:  (Bodner)Going well and some winners have re-donated a portion of their winnings.
  12.  Cheerleading:Will be asked to help out with fund raising for next year.  Discussion to continue in January.
  13. End Zone Camera:  S. Derda to mention our interest to GYF/Mark Chapman at their next mtg in sharing a purchase for next year.
New Business
  1. Board Positions for 2014: A nominating committee needs to be put in place to help find new people interested in serving on the board.  Rob Tepley has notified the Board he will not be able to continue on next year and John Knapp will be done with GHS.  TD Club looking for a V.P.-with a focus on the fundraising aspect and a Treasurer will be sought. President-David and Secretary-Stephanie to continue on at this time.
  2. Statistician Needed: Crisuolo will be done and a new volunteer needs to be found.  S. Derda expressed interest and will meet with John Knapp and Crisuolo perhaps this week to see what is involved.
  3. Videographer Needed:  John Knapp will be leaving and a new video man needed.
  4. Upcoming Dec. Events:  (covered)
Meeting Adjourned at 9:22pm   Next Meeting Tuesday, Dec.10, 2013 at 7:30 pm @ Rec. Ctr. Alexander Rm reserved, but check board in hall for any changes that night!!