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Guilford High School Touchdown Club – Oct. 8, 2013 Minutes
Guilford Community Center
Call To Order
1.  Meeting was called to order at 7:50pm.
2.  In attendance:  Sue Knapp, Dave Filley, Alex Conover, Patti Iassogna, Rob Tepley, John Knapp, Lee Altieri, Lucie Altieri, Stephanie Moscato, Cee Trotta, Shanon Cirillo, Marlene Bodner, and Fred Trotta
Acceptance of Minutes:  Minutes from July, August and September 2013 meetings unanimously accepted and to be placed on the website.
Committee Reports/Old Business:
1.  Treasurer Report:(John) Assets = $11589.99 balance. Some pink nite T-shirt checks are outstanding.  $385 will be added in from spirit wear sales. Due to cancellations and rain outs of events the overall fundraising efforts are behind a bit at this time.  David suggested making some adjustments to the projected expenses.  This will continue to be assessed. (copy of budget filed).
2.  Snack Shack:  (David)Will be open for every JV and frosh game.  There will not be a purchase of a coffee pot at this time as there are available carafes.  Electricity was out due to construction at the HS.  It is now back on.  One oven is not working.  Possibly an outlet issue.  Warming trays are being used in interim.  Food donations will be asked for on weeks of home games.  Sue suggested using volunteer spot to get the word out.
3.  Pasta Dinners:  Going smoothly and on budget.
  1. Car Wash:  JoAnn is in process of scheduling one at Palumbos and will confirm 10/9 on a date.  Looking at a Sunday due to JV games and PSATs in upcoming weeks.  An email to go out to Coach and team to remind them.
  2. Cookbooks/plates:  (Sue) Few being sold at back to school night and they are available at the concession stand during games.
  3. Pink Night: (Sue)260 new green shirts bought & sold this year.  The remainder of white ones from last year were sold in addition. A check of $1433.50 to be given to Jackie Peters for her to send in to the American Cancer Society.
  4. AD Book: (Sue) Out early this year with great participation from most families.  Some families still have not paid for ads.  Lucie Altieri offered to call those still outstanding.  Overall 250 copies printed.  Publishing cost was $1300, leaving a $7400 profit after publishing.  It was decided not to charge for ad books but encourage a donation if applicable as some patrons were disappointed they were being asked for additional money after putting in an ad.
  5. Tag Sale: (Sue)$965 in profit.  Only 15 families donated items.  It was suggested to advertise that outside donations could be accepted and sold the day of for next year.  Bake sale outside of the Food center gained a $100 profit.  Hand foods only suggested for next year.
  6. Driveway Gs:  (Moscato) 5 have been completed.  7 more potential orders in, waiting for checks. Moscato sent out another ad to GHS football families and GYF. Altieri spread the word to volleyball and Sue will notify girl’s soccer.  Paint can be reordered as needed.
  7. Golf Outing:  (Sue) Scheduled for Mon. 10/14 9a-noon and $25/pp. Lunch of subs, chips and soda to be included and orchestrated by Sue Knapp.  She will send out an email asap to get a head count by Friday and then move forward ordering food and notify Guilford Golf course.
  8. 50/50:  (Bodner)Going well and some winners have re-donated a portion of their winnings.
  9. Comedy Night: (Chris) $30/pp Nights of Columbus on Friday Nov.22. Tkts on sale now.
  10. Family Dinners- prior to “Burning of the Shoe”:  Need confirmation from Gretchen T. as to whether she is willing to add this to her responsibilities. Many other offers to assist. Café has been reserved for the event.  This evening has it’s own budget.  Donations for water and desserts should be requested along with a reminder for each family to donate a small gift for each player to receive that night.  Cheerleaders will need to be acknowledged in some capacity this night- Senior families also put in money to buy an outgoing senior gift (TV) JoAnn to work on these areas- per Sue.  John to confirm with Tom that Tues 11/26 is an acceptable date.  John and Joe will handle the bonfire and it’s location and also confirm this event with Jarvis.
  11. Senior Night:  (Patti & Chris) 11/28, night of the Guilford v. Hand game.  Budget of $300 for this evening discussed. Cee and JoAnn to manage the program which includes a fun player questionnaire.  Coach Unger needs to be reminded/asked to write something up about each kid.  Melissa DeMille to put together and print out the program. Senior write ups for Bo Moridian will be handled by Lucie Altieri.  Srs also need to notify Lucie who will be escorting them onto the field that evening. Patti to purchase a large banner with the ad book sr. photo on it costing approx $40.  Corsages also need to be purchased.  Stands need to be decorated.
  12. Banquet: (Patti) Wed. Dec 11th, 6:30-9:30 @ Woodwinds. Charge is $30/pp with a $25.50/pp cost to club. Menu has been arranged. Patti will have cut off for responses be Nov 28th having to give a final head count by Dec 6th. Budget for event is $7500. It was suggested that Invitations be sent out via email this year and be followed up on by class Reps.for responses/checks.  Senior gift to be decided on by Nov. 1st by a senior parent comte. Budget also needs to include a gift for the senior boys (btwn $75-110/pp-as of last year) and trophies. Gifts for senior cheerleaders to also be supplied by players for their “guardian angels”. Banquet night program to be done by Sue Knapp.  Senior players and cheerleaders have historically not had to pay for the banquet.  The option of charging for a half priced tkt will be discussed next month once more revenue comes in and the budget is reassessed.  Those who may need assistance to attend may talk to the board about scholarship monies available.
  13. End Zone Camera:  to be tabled until next yr as the club does not have enough funds to support that venture at this time.  John had approached GCTV and based on their requirements did not view it a a viable relationship.  GYF has expressed interest in sharing the purchase of the camera.  This option will be looked in to and discussed in the new year.
  14. Scholarship Fund:  There is $564 in the scholarship fund. A $100 dollar donation was recv’d and the fund has also been bolstered by the efforts of Ron and JoAnn Nault with their participation in the girls soccer fest and the “Wall of Wine” raffle.  Ron Nault to be asked to work with Fred Trotta to come up with a criteria as to how the scholarship fund will work and who will oversee it, determine candidates, and distribute funding via the AD dept.
  15. Hoody Buddy:  No word on whether this has been initiated or going through.
New Business
  1. Team Breakfast: 11/27  John to speak with Larry SantaMaria at the VFW to confirm date and menu for players and coaches.
  2. Knowledge Transfer:
  3. Website:  To be updated asap with minutes and notifications of fundraising and special events.  Save the date emails to go out prior to all the scheduled upcoming events!! Cee discussed using an old pay pal account to assist in easy on-line payment for events.  Cee and John to look into re-activating the club gmail account that is already associated with our TD club bank account.
  4. Freshmen/JV Games:  Scoreboard will be working for these going forward.
  5. Cheerleading:  It was mentioned that someone should approach cheerleading (possibly Geralyn Nelson) about having a representative from GHS cheer come and get involved with the club and have the girls participate in things like the car washes etc. to enhance our fundraising efforts.
Meeting Adjourned at 9:22pm   Next Meeting Tuesday, Nov.12, 2013 at 7:30 pm @ Rec. Ctr. Alexander Rm reserved, but check board in hall for any changes that night!!