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Guilford High School Touchdown Club – May 14, 2013 Minutes
Guilford Community Center
Call To Order
1.  Meeting was called to order at 7:25pm.
2.  In attendance:  Joe Iassogna, Matt Schilling, Stephanie Moscato, Rob Tepley,Lucie Altieri, John Knapp, Dave Filley, Alex Conover, and Mellissa DeMille.
Acceptance of Minutes:  Minutes for April Mtg. unanimously accepted.
Committee Reports
1.  Golf Outing(Schilling) Lyman will be offering free Golf instruction May 20th.
2.  Treasurer Report:(John) Starting May with a balance of $4,800 in account.  (copy filed) There are some outstanding bills to be paid including website.
3.  Snack Shack:  Keys found.  Water heater to be fixed. There has been a poor turn out during youth lax games.  More advertising via email was suggested.
4.  Car Wash:  To be held at A-1 Auto. 
Old Business
1.  SWAG: Joe will talk to Coach Unger about vendors/ideas for upcoming year. Rob to contact Phoenix-wear.
New Business
1.  Car Wash:  The 1st or 2nd weekend of August to be suggested to Coach.
2.  Donation:  Matt Schilling petitioned for a donation from the TD club for his son’s Ct All Star-Military Ball recognizing Wounded Warriors. It was unanimously voted to a lot $50 to this cause.
3.  Incoming Freshmen:  E-mail addresses to be added to list serve.  Those interested are reminded to register on our website.  This spring Coach has invited the 8th graders to work out in the weight room after school.
Meeting Adjourned at 8:06  pm   Next Meeting Tuesday, June 11, 2013 at 7 pm @ Rec. Ctr.