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Guilford High School Touchdown Club – March 12, 2013 Minutes

Guilford Community Center

Call To Order

1. Meeting was called to order at 7:09pm.

2. In attendance: Joe Iassogna, Cynthie Trotta, Todd Major, Matt Schilling, Chris Jankura, Stephanie Moscato, Dawn Russello, Tara Huffman, Jean McCloskey, Rob Tepley, Joanne Nault, Tom Unger, Lucie Altieri, John Knapp, Dave Filley.

Acceptance of Minutes

1. Minutes for both Jan. and Feb. 2013 mtgs to be reviewed at the April mtg.

Committee Reports

1. Golf Outing(Schilling): Scheduled to be held at Lyman Golf Club Wed, 8/21/13.

a. Cost of hosting event to be same as last year with a Greens fee of $135.

b. Committee to be formulated and a plan to start advertising early to attain greater numbers this year. Email list of potential invites to be kept from year to year (including alumni). Goal is to double participation. Ability to use the website to attain sponsors and assist with registration for event being developed. Cmte mtg dates TBA. Coach involvement encouraged.

c. Event looking for a dinner sponsor at the cost of $1000. Sponsor would get half page ad in FB program, greens fees for 4, and ad banners.

2. Nominating Committee/Board Member Elections:

a. Joanne presented slate. Unanimous vote taken on all newly elected board members. Rob Tepley- Vice President, John Knapp- Treasurer, Stephanie Moscato-Secretary for 2013 season.

b. Other committee positions filled: Chris Jankura – Web Master!

3. President: Requested that all emails receive pre-approval by the Board prior to sending publicly.

4. Treasurer Report:(Cee/John) Starting March with a balance of $5604 in account. (copy filed)

a. All expenditures by committee members need to be pre-approved and all receipts must come directly to treasurer if reimbursement is expected.

b. Credit cards to be given out to Dave Filley and John Knapp. Treasurer prefers use of cash expenditures when possible.

c. 2013 Budget proposed: Line items reviewed and changes made to proposal. Deductions made to family dinner, weight lifting brkft, passing league and additions made to video supplies to include HUDL, Team SWAG, and reserve fund. Winter Passing league may be cancelled or handled differently with a participation charge for next year. Budget discussion tabled until next month.

d. Additional Expenditure Ideas: Scissor lift for field, laundry service for uniforms(life skills dept.to be contacted), Coaching stipends.

5. Fundraising: Various Ideas discussed…

a. Car wash: 2 sessions proposed, dates not during the season,tba.

b. Lift-A-Thon/Penny A Pound

c. Egg sandwich sales on Fridays @ GHS

New Business

1. Soccer Fest: Joanne proposed that GHS concession stand provide the fare for the Glfd Soccer Fest this yr that runs June 29/30th. All proceeds would go to the TD Club. Joanne will get more info so a decision can be made.

2. Weight Lifting Breakfast: To be scheduled for 3/16 @ the VFW 10 am.

3. Upcoming Football Events/Camps:

a. Passing Tourny in New Canaan scheduled for July 12 & 13.

b. Lineman Challenge July 27th

c. There will be no UNH camp this year.

d. Summer workout schedule: M, T, W & F – 7am to 9:30am.

4. SWAG:

a. Coach Unger would like to provide a T-shirt and shorts at the beginning of the summer weight training. Board to get prices from Creative Sportswear and Giggles prior toordering. Not using Fresh Concepts this year. LOGO additions/changes in the works…

5. GYF: Coach Unger will be aligning himself more with GYF and plans to have team members go down and help with preseason workouts for the first 2 weeks.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:14pm

Next Meeting Tuesday, April 9, 2013 at 7:30 pm at the Greene Community Center.