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Guilford High School Touchdown Club – June 13, 2012 Minutes
Greene Community Center

Call to Order 

1. Meeting called to order at 7:38 pm.

2. In attendance: Alex Conover, David Filley,  Matt Hoey, Joe Iassogna, Patty Iassogna, Chris Jankura, Greg Jankura, John Knapp, Joanne Nault, Ron Nault, Geralyn Nelson, Jackie Peters, Stephanie Purcell Setaro, Matt Schilling, Cee Trotta, Tom Unger

 Introduction of Touchdown Club President, Joe Iassogna and the Mission of the Touchdown Club as a booster organization.
Three former Guilford High School football players shared their memories and highlights of the GHS football team.
Acceptance of Minutes

1. May minutes accepted and approved unanimously.
Committee Reports

1. Treasurer: Budget numbers reviewed; Budget will be voted on in July
a. Banquet has a $3000 income as monies are collected from parents attending
b. Sunshine budget put into reserve fund – will be further discussed at July or August meeting – when and how to use sunshine monies.
c. Sportsplex was rented twice in November following the October snowstorm.

d. Coaches shirts were taken out of budget
e. Coaches’ stipends discussed – 1099 must be completed if another stipend is paid out of Touchdown Club funds. We already pay the Board of Ed for one stipend – do we want to risk another coach being cut from the Board of Ed’s budget?   Currently we have 1 head coach and 5 paid assistant coaches (4 paid by BOE; 1 paid by
Touchdown Club

2. Golf Tournament: Date set for Wednesday, August 22, 2012 – deposit in, committee needed; $125 per golfer
Honor George with an ongoing plaque to hang in snack shack


New Business

1. Congratulations to Mike Knapp on winning All-American for Lacrosse!

2. Tom wants to build an experienced coaching staff. Looking for support from Touchdown Club to appeal to the BOE, Athletic Director and Principal if necessary to support another coaching position. Tom will get information from his peers on how other SCC football coaches are paid and how many to compare to Guilford.

3. First Day of Practice – August 15th; School begins August  30th; Practice will begin at 3:15 this year

Meeting adjourned at 9:20 pm. Next meeting July 10, 2012.