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Guilford High School Touchdown Club – May 29th, 2012 Minutes
Guilford High School Rm. 44
Call to Order
1. Meeting was called to order @ 7:45 pm
2. In attendance:  Geralyn Nelson, John Knapp, Matt Schilling, Joe Iassogna, Stephanie Purcell Setaro, Cee Trotta
  1. John Peters resigned effective May 28, 2012 at 7:31 pm.
  2. Interim President needed to finish the term.
    1. Nomination of Joe Iassogna by nominating committee. Motion was seconded and passed unanimously. Joe Iassogna is now president of the GHS Touchdown Club effective immediatiely.
  3. Meetings will be 2nd Tuesday of each month (except in June due to the boys’ lacrosse banquet date – in which case it will be the second Wednesday).
Committee Reports
  1. Treasurer’s Report:  Balance of $5,200.00.
  2. Budget – 2012 proposed budget discussed. Will be presented, discussed and voted on in June.
  3. Fundraising - Looking into the possibility of after game activities and fundraisers.
  4. Sunshine – looking into the creation of a policy for Sunshine Grams.
  5. Golf Tournament – Date: Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012.
    1. $125 per player includes golfing, full dinner, and complimentary Lyman Orchard Apple Pie!
    2. Motion for a $500 deposited needed for date – seconded and approved.
    3. Need 40 to 80 players
    4. Discussion of sponsors
    5. Hoping to hand out flyers during Flex Bone Camp; at Moroso; and at area businesses.
    6. Discussion of how to honor George Curry – maybe with a plaque.
Meeting  adjourned @ 9:33; Next Meeting: Wednesday June 13, 2012