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Guilford High School Touchdown Club – November 16, 2011 Minutes
Guilford High School Rm. 44
Call To Order
  1. Meeting was called to order at 7:40 pm.
  2. In attendance:     
John Peters, Patti Iassogna, Dick Balaska, Matt Hoey, Richard Hurtz, Geralyn Nelson, Matt Schilling, John Knapp, Sue Knapp, Jackie Peters, Kathleen Wilcox, Marlene Bodnar.

Acceptance of Minutes
  1. Minutes for October 2011 were reviewed and accepted.
Committee Reports
  1. Treasurer’s Report:  Discussion about treasurer’s report and where we stand financially by season’s end.
    1. Gs - $750
  2. Fundraising:
    1. Comedy Night – trying to increase attendance.
Old Business

     1.  Pink Night – sold out t-shirts before night started.
      With t-shirts, raffle items and car wash (25 players) – donation to American Cancer Society - $3,350.
     2. George Curry Scholarship – Matt H. will approach partners of George’s business. Foundation for scholarships will be in charge. Discussion of changing golf tournament to include George’s name (possibly: Annual GHS Touchdown Club Golf Tournament in Memory of G. Curry) and donate a percentage of proceeds to the scholarship.
     3. Senior Night – successful evening!
New Business
  1. Family Dinner - Tuesday night prior to Burning of the Shoe.
    1. $200 left over from Senior Night Budget. Motion made and approved to purchase $200 worth of raffle gifts for all players’ raffle.
      2. Banquet – Cheryl Hoey in charge.
           a. Jay Criscuolo (statistician) and Rene Russo (stat assistant) will be invited
     3.  Discussion of keeping School Records by Touchdown Club. There is a listing on the site that includes 1973 through 2007.
     4. Pictures on site taken by Paul Hyzak – proceeds back to club.
     5. Matt Schilling will need help in Snack Shack for Thanksgiving Eve Game.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:59 pm. Next meeting: December 6, 2011 at 7:30 pm at GHS Rm 44.