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GHS Touchdown Club meeting Minutes

February 12, 2019

Time Start: 6:02 pm | Time End: 7:26 pm   

In Attendance

Board Members: Barb Tartagni, Amy Bradley, Paula Eldridge, Karen Chiaia

Volunteers/Guests: Adrienne Messina, Beth Chapman, Carrie Carignan

Coaching Update

Coach interviews took place on 02/05/19; there were six (6) candidates.  Eight (8) questions for each candidate, stack-ranked at the end; weighting system was the same.

·        Julia Chaffe, Assistant Principal

·        Volleyball Coach

·        Jake Jarvis

·        Barb Tartagni

·        Roland St. Denis

·        Rance Hillier

·        Charles Wolcott

·        Ian Derda

Finalists will be interviewed on 02/14/19:

·        Rick Misenti

·        Jake Jarvis

Treasurer’s Report

Savings Account

 $        1,020.43        

Checking Account

 $        5,472.83

Outstanding checks: 0


Pasta Dinners: Committee Chair – Paula Burns

Senior Banquet: Committee Chair – Paula Eldridge

01/13/20 @ The Woodwinds

Advertising Yearbook: Committee Chair – Paula Eldridge

Kick-off campaign in June


New ideas for fundraising – need committee chairs

·        Meet the Coach fundraiser adults only

·        Goal-post or Game Day Gala: pre-season social

·        Seat cushions/Blanket sales

·        Shirts and other swag

·        Tackle your Appetite @ Guilford Mooring – March (Show Your Green)

·        Lift-A-Thon w/Manginos

Current uniforms are only 2 years old; request an inventory list from Jarvis

Bids received for 76 uniforms - $12k to replace white and green

Car Wash Dates

·        April 27th

·        June 22nd

Business Items

Mangino Winter Workouts through end of February; the new coaching staff will need to weigh in on continuing the program

Discussion from 01/24/19 admin meeting; action steps requested by 03/15/19 but their response was they must have a head coach in place

New scholarship update: new scholarship will go directly through school

New Business

Freshmen class rep needs to be identified

Change of date for the 2019 banquet – consider January?

Approval of Prior Month’s Meeting Minutes and Date of Next Board Meeting

The meeting minutes from JANUARY were read and approved

Next meeting: March 12, 2019, 6:00 pm, Guilford High School