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GHS Touchdown Club meeting Minutes

December 11, 2018

Time Start: 6:03 pm | Time End: 7:02 pm   

In Attendance

Board Members: Paula Downer, Amy Bradley, Paula Eldridge, Karen Chiaia, Barb Tartagni

Volunteers/Guests: Sebastian Derda, Isamir Martinez Colberg, Paula Burns, Christine Nizolek, John Russell, Luther Clarke, Ken Nizolek, Frank McDermott, Mark Chapman, Ronnie Lacointe, Todd Rose, Cathy Vashel, Janice Crabtree

Coach’s Corner

Announcement: Anthony Avallone and Bill Hice resigned; the other coaches have not changed.  Two main issues: (1) termination of Coach D’Angelo and (2) supporting the program to be successful behind a group of coaches. Position will be posted and an interview committee will convene to participate in the process.  Workouts are being scheduled (starting 01/02/19), four days/week focusing on measurements, base line, continuity, guidance from Rob Mangino, drills, test every two months, support of athletic trainer: two days in the weight room and two days at Mangino’s Strength and Conditioning. Coach Vedrani and Coach Swan will be available in the weight room from 6:10 am – 7:00 am, M, W, F.


Five paid coaching positions – TDC funds one


In the meantime, letter penned by a parent of a player is being sent to the Superintendent to request a meeting; all are encouraged to attend the next Board of Education meeting to voice our opinions about this situation to request change.


TDC will ask what the interview process is comprised of and who is on the committee.

Treasurer’s Report

Savings Account

 $             1,020.43

Checking Account

 $           10,679.21

Outstanding checks: $750 due for videotaping

Credit card deposit: $500 for The Woodwinds


Pasta Dinners: Committee Chair – Paula Burns


2019 Senior Banquet: Committee Chair – Paula Eldridge

12/12/19 @ The Woodwinds


2019 planning will begin in January

New whites, weight room equipment: Coach Lacointe/McDermott will forward list to Jarvis, copy TDC Board

Business Items

12/15/18: Concession stand clean out

New officers: Barb Tartagi, President; all other positions remain the unchanged

New Business

John Russell has volunteered to videotape for the next season

New scholarship inquiry – a family has proposed an additional scholarship in memoriam; Downer to get guidance from GHS, still in process

Approval of Prior Month’s Meeting Minutes and Date of Next Board Meeting

The meeting minutes from NOVEMBER were read and approved

Next meeting: January 8, 2019, 6:00 pm, Guilford High School