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GHS Touchdown Club meeting Minutes

November 13, 2018

Time Start: 6:00 pm | Time End: 7:01 pm   

In Attendance

Board Members: Paula Downer, Amy Bradley, Paula Eldridge, Karen Chiaia, Barb Tartagni

Volunteers/Guests: Sebastian Derda

Coach’s Corner

Treasurer’s Report

Savings Account

 $             1,020.43

Checking Account

 $           19,383.39

Outstanding checks: zero


Pasta Dinners: Committee Chair – Paula Burns


Thanksgiving Day Celebrations: Committee Chair – Karen Chiaia

11/21/18: Team Breakfast @ VFW (9:30 am – 11:00 am)

             Bonfire @ Fireman’s Field (10:30 pm) Mike Warrens, field contact, Fire Dept ok’d,

Order 20 pizza from Naples

Water from the concession stand

Pallets are available from PXI (Amy) and Chiaia family will pick up/deliver

Chaperones (Downer, Colberg, + one more); player curfew at 2:00 am

Barb will send an email to Freshmen/Sophomore classes to request assistance

Year-End Banquet: Committee Chair – Paula Eldridge, Co-Chair – Sarah St. Denis

12/06/18: The Woodwinds, Branford

Coaches Gifts: need ideas (money clips, Brendon will research), Subway art poster (?)

Senior Player Gifts: (LL Bean embroidered bags) Paula Downer will research

Team Shirts: Seniors design shirt

Program courtesy of the Nizolek family

Coaches gifts – item agreed upon

Senior gifts – duffle bags ordered

             Senior t-shirts – will order from Zeus or Guilford Sporting Goods


Driveway “G”: $25 | stencil is now available to sell

Business Items

Concession Stand – stocked for 11/14/18 game; Amy will coordinate a date for final clean-out

“Sack Hunger” canned goods fundraiser for the Guilford Food Bank at Thanksgiving breakfast

New Business

New scholarship inquiry – a family has proposed an additional scholarship in memoriam

Downer to get guidance from GHS

Headset repair – less than $100; approved

Nomination of new officers/voting in December

Approval of Prior Month’s Meeting Minutes and Date of Next Board Meeting

The meeting minutes from OCTOBER were read and approved

Next meeting: December 11, 2018, 6:00 pm, Guilford High School