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GHS TouchDown Club Meeting Minutes

March 20, 2018

7:00 pm – 8:15 pm

GHS, room D102


Paula Downer, Paula Eldridge, Amy Bradley, Barb Tartagni


Agenda item:

Coaching update/Coach’s Corner


Paula Downer

Discussion:          06/10/18: hand out football equipment

                                 06/26/18: Yale Camp, $200 (M-Th)                                           Bus was paid by parents $650

                    06/29, 06/30/18: 7 v 7 tournament

                  07/01 – 07/07/18: no activities

                              07/09/18: summer conditioning

                              08/13/18: 1st day of pre-season                                                    Fees are due in full



Agenda item:

Treasurers Report



Amy Bradley


Savings Account

 $        1,020.43

Checking Account

 $        7,324.35





No checks are outstanding and all invoices are paid, however, Guilfordfootball.com fees are due 06/1/18, $14.14

Hosting website, GoDaddy, domain name, $ 2,017 and League Athletics, $400, will be due 

Amy to create a budget in Excel to estimate future fees due

Agenda item:

Outstanding/New Business

04/09/18: Centro fundraiser

04/21/18: 1st Car Wash

06/23/18: 2nd Car Wash

05/24/18: Fired Up! Fundraiser

10/05/18: Youth Night

10/26/18: Senior Night                                                




Advertise in Simply Guilford, Shoreline Times and Adams 7th/8th grade FB


$20 per ticket/BYOB



Concession stand: open snack stand for JV games

Corporate sponsorship: PE to draft letter seeking donations, free ad in Ad Book plus mention business name at pre-game announcements

Football Due/Fees:  raise fees to $225 | PE to draft parent letter and Amy to send via email


February Meeting Minutes:        Approved


Next meeting:                            April 10, 2018