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GHS Touchdown Club Meeting Minutes

July 10, 2018

7:00 pm – 8:05 pm

Community Center



Paula Downer, Paula Eldridge, Amy Bradley, Barb Tartagni, Brendan O’Brien, Anthony Avallone

Harry Burlakoff, Minuteman Press of Shelton


Agenda item:

Coaching update/Coach’s Corner


Paula Downer

Anthony Avallone

Discussion:          Yale Camp was great and the team looked good; we have a young team but with the right attitude.  Scrimmage schedule is set; no changes. 

Parent meeting on Thursday, 08/23/18.

Pizza party on Friday, 08/24/18, right after practice (will be sponsored by Next Street).

Team pictures will be the second week of August; Paula Downer will check with Sebastian to secure the actual date.

All (new) coaching paid spots are now filled: Bill Hice, Nick D’Angelo, Bob Swan

There will be a Froshmore team and will play the JV schedule


Agenda item:

Treasurers Report



Amy Bradley


Savings Account

 $             520.43

Checking Account

 $        8,6035.21




Insurance payments are due in August 8th ($350)

Town of Guilford, Health Inspection ($50)

Hudl Assist in August ($1000)


Agenda item:

Outstanding/New Business

08/04/18: 2nd Car Wash, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

10/05/18: Youth Night

10/26/18: Senior Night                                                

Health department inspection requirements have changed; must have a “food operator’s license” or operator on site. 

Our license expires on 08/10/18.

We need to inspect the concession stand.

Buy-out letter approved

Driveway “G” stencil was ordered and we can start selling, $25















09/20/18, 10/03/18, 10/25/18, 11/14/18 (one sponsored by each class): Pasta Dinners – chair: Paula Burns

10/05/18: Youth Night – chair: Karen Chiaia (combine w/Pink Night)

10/26/18: Senior Night – chair: Karen Chiaia | Barb Tartagni

11/21/18: Team Breakfast @ VFW ? | Bon Fire @ Fireman’s Field – Thanksgiving game

12/06/18: Year-end Banquet – chair: Paula Eldridge | Jodi Standrowicz, Sarah St. Dennis


Advertising Book – chair: Sebastian Derda | Pasquale Zephirin, photographer (need to set the date for pics)

Harry Burlakoff – MinuteMan Press

·        Vector or high resolution file

·        Request all photos in color

·        Deadline for all ad material is 08/25/18

·        Deadline for Minuteman will be 09/01/18

·        Pricing for full color, the entire book

·        The front cover, back cover, center and second/last pages are valued higher

Concession stand: open snack stand for JV, for games against towns that are close (09/08, 11/23)

June Meeting Minutes:              Approved


Next meeting:                            August 14, 2018