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                          GUILFORD TOUCHDOWN CLUB

                              November 2019 Agenda


Meeting Minutes -    

Treasurer Report-   


Business Items-             Final Team dinner - BBQ/ice cream bar

                                      Concession stand-   stocked, volunteers for Thurs, final cleanout

                                      Team breakfast-       set up decorations

                                      Bonfire -                  order pizza, waters, need pallets,

                                                                       Chaperones – Doug Downer, Juan Colberg, ??

                                                                       Set curfew time 2:30??

                                      Banquet -                 tickets posted to online store (4 families purchased)

                                                                       Program?, timeline, MC (Eldridge?)

                                                                       Senior gifts – LL Bean duffles with monogram

                                                                       Coaches gifts – Sarah St Denis?

                                                                       Awards, posters, tee shirts (need vendor)

New Business -            Scholarship inquiry

                                     Head set repair

                                     Nomination of new officers