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 September Agenda 2018


Coaches Corner:   video company filming, working out well

Meeting Minutes:

Treasurer Report:


Business Items:       AD Book – Final proof, profit?, distribution date and hand out plan?

                                Thank you notes/alumni letter

                                Carwash profit

                                Pasta Dinner (seniors) - plates, plastic ware, serving spoons

                                Concession stand – preparedness, 6 people per game, hot foods, restaurant depot

                                Online store – Jay did not work out, not enough orders, families reimbursed.

                                                          Brendon suggested Guilford Sporting Goods.

                                Youth Night – Status (Karen?)

                                 Senior Night – status (Barbara) order banners, flowers, pictures...

                                 Team Breakfast – VFW reserved, cost? 9:30?

                                 Bonfire – reserve field, order pizza/water, parent chaperones (should have 3)

                                 Stat person