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Guilford Touchdown Club

February Meeting Agenda


Coaches Corner:      New coach update

Meeting Minutes:

Treasurer Report:

Business  Items:     

  • Weight room-Ciro will train through 2/22. March schedule? LAX conditioning begins on 3/5 with the official start of the season on 3/17.
  • HUDL payment made. HUDL Assist for $1,000.00 due in August.
  • Coaches stipend-letter from Paul Freeman. When does this need to be paid?

New Business:

  • Building use form for meetings and proof of insurance.
  • Car wash dates-reserved for 4/29 and 6/24
  • Incoming freshman-need Freshman class rep (email last years 8th grade team).
  • Fundraisers- Centro's on 3/5. We need school approval and adverstising.
  • Ad book chair-start date?
  • Buy out-start date. Suggestions?
  • Camps-Yale camp, Hand camp, passing league, linemans challange. Need costs and dates.
  • Season start dates and upcoming schedules.