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GYF TouchDown Club Meeting Minutes


7:00 pm – 8:02 pm

Guilford Rec Center, Alexander room


Paula Downer, Paula Eldridge, Amy Bradley, Karen Chiaia, Isamir Martinez, Rebecca Spinner, Miggs Surgenor, Barb Tartagni, Wendy Kallinich


Agenda item:

Coaching update/Coach’s Corner


Paula Downer


Coach’s Corner:                                                                                      

08/19: Official schedule begins

09/01: 1st scrimmage, home, against Lyman Hall

09/08: 1st game, home, against Branford

08/19: Pre-season begins


Freshmen coach: Nick Gargano


Agenda item:

Treasurers Report



Amy Bradley


Savings Account:   $     520.43

Checking Account: $  4,850.47

QuickBooks fee:     $      10.10/month

Outstanding checks:

  • Eli Camp
  • Passing League
  • F. Ralston
  • STA Bus Co.



New Business Items:

Financial Obligation/Buy-out: by 09/01/17


Mandatory parent meeting? Coordinate with Spring training.


Intro page

Fundraising info

Ad book info

Nurse’s form

Emergency contact

Impact testing requirements


Car Wash: Palumbo’s: need all volunteers

2nd event, 08/12/17

Donation: $100 to Ben Callahan fund


Ad book – push for buy-out

08/01/17 completion

Staples or Vista Print

$  25 – ¼ page, business card

$  50 – ½ page

$100 –full


Order 150 ad books to hand out


Fundraising – magnets, key chains, GHS flip-flops


  • KC’s Pub/The Hickory Kitchen: 08/17, 08/24


Adult social/dance party: 08/26/17, VFW

  • Wall of Wine
  • Raffle items/fundraising



Agenda item:

New Business





Snack Shack

New siding being installed

External painting:

Need to clean up and complete an inventory before health inspection (Dennis Johnson): 07/29 or 07/30

Offer volunteer hours for students to help participate in clean up, painting, repairs


Swag Wear – order t-shirts

The Seniors/Captains pick the logo or statement for the shirt


Youth Night/Team Spirit – ?

Pink Night – 10/13/17

Senior Night – in November:

  • Bassick (11/03)
  • Jonathan Law (11/10)


June Meeting Minutes: Approved


Next meeting: August 8, 2017