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GYF TouchDown Club Meeting Minutes


7:00 pm – 8:04 pm

GHS room #102 D


Barbara Tartagni, Paula Jean Burns, Paula Downer, Paula Eldridge, Amy Bradley, John Russell, Sondra Gabriel, Roger Gabriel, Anthony Avallone, Frank Ralston, Mark Chapman, Rebecca Spinner, Frank McDermott, Maureen Ahlefeld, Michael Sondak, Michele Robertino, Stephanie Moscato, Jeff Standrowicz, Miggs Surgnot


Agenda item:

Coaching update/Coach’s Corner


Paula Downer

Discussion:          We have a Head Coach and a coaching staff!

Coach’s Corner:                                                                                     Presenter:        Anthony Avallone

Three assistant coaches: Frank Ralston, Mark Chapman, Frank McDermott

Formal introduction to the kids, tentative Spring schedule established (not mandatory, but if boys are not participating in Spring sports, it’s expected that they attend.


05/30 – 06/10: 8-9 sessions (max 10)

06/10: Green and White scrimmage; cookout and announcement of Captains


06/20: Hand Camp – JV/Varsity only invited to camp, 4 – ½ days ($50/player)

06/26: Yale Camp - 4 days – bus to/from camp ($180/player)

Break for holiday week

07/10: Schedule begins

07/10 – 08/07: Hand passing league ($250/team; cost is then divided by # of players attending)

08/19: Official schedule begins

09/01: 1st scrimmage, home, against Lyman Hall

09/08: 1st game, home, against Branford


Team assignment

Line Coach: open role; position posted today

Freshmen: looking for head coach; position posted today



Other: Coach Esteban will participate


Current workout schedule: Tue/Th/Fri @ 6:30 am (lifting and running)


Agenda item:

Treasurers Report



Amy Bradley


Savings Account:   $  1,020.43

Checking Account: $  4,507.07

QuickBooks fee:     $      10.10/month


April Meeting Minutes: Approved


Business Items:

Financial Obligation/Buy-out: by 09/01/17

Pay by 06/01/17: $200

Pay by 07/01/17: $225

Pay by 08/01/17: $250



Intro page

Fundraising info

Ad book info

Nurse’s form

Emergency contact

Impact testing requirements


Mandatory parent meeting? Coordinate with Spring training.


Car Wash: Palumbo’s on Saturdays: need all volunteers

1st event, 05/27

2nd event, 06/24


Facebook page has been refreshed


Scholarship –$500; recipient will be announced soon


Ad book – volunteer still needed; printing was done by a vendor but the binding machine was purchased by the TD Club so some of the expenses are covered. Do we use Office Max or Staples, purchase a software program?  Sebastian will ask Tom for the template he used (thinks it’s Publisher).


Paint night – 05/11/17

31 tickets have been sold


Fundraising – magnets, key chains (will be sold at Paint Night)

Restaurant: Tip-A-Player? Suggestions: Sweet Frog, Naples, Brownstone


Next meeting: June 13, 2017