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GYF TouchDown Club Meeting Minutes


7:00 pm – 8:05 pm

GHS room #102 D


Sebastian Derda, Barbara Tartagni, Paula Jean Burns, Paula Downer, Paula Eldridge, Karen Chiaia, Frank Ralston


Agenda item:

Treasurer Report


Paula Downer

Discussion:  Transition to QuickBooks


$1,020 savings

$4,947 checking

Action items



  • $100 donation to Alex Russello



Agenda item:

Old Business



Paula Burns



Coach Update

7 candidates set up for interviews this week, panel style, Paula B/Paula D will participate


Weight room/cross fit – would like to see more participation in the after-school weight training and attendance at Cross-Fit; kids are out of shape and way behind in overall training but there is lack of commitment due to not having a head coach or coaching staff


Car Wash – Palumbo’s on Saturdays, 04/22, 06/24, want to coordinate pre-sale of tickets but need to find out who did it last year and how it was organized


Fundraising Committee – Amy Bradley has been scouting costs for magnets and key chains but the Board wants to hold off on purchasing items until the new coach is appointed.  We need to consider camps and other competitions.  There is likely a need to purchase helmets, sled equipment, shirts, etc.  Frank completed an inventory and Jake has the list of equipment


Freshmen class rep – Barb Tartagni

Banquet venue – Karen Chiaia, will contact Woodwinds and let them know the Board is waiting for new coach to allow their input; possibly commit in March


Buy-out ideas – for the family financial commitment; payment plan in online store.  The Board needs to create a communication plan to ensure all families understand what the obligation is as well as the options and deadline, by September 1, 2017.


Stat person/announcer – Lou Monico will come back to announce again, but we need to identify someone for stats, however the coach may want to appoint someone (some schools have members of the Freshmen team do it and can get credit for community service)


Scholarship – no revisions needed; agreed to keep the program the same.  There is currently funding for two years.


Ad book – volunteer needed, as Tom Huffman headed the program in 2016; the book came out very late last year so we’d like to ensure there is action early.  Printing was done by a vendor but the binding machine was purchased by the TD Club so some of the expenses are covered. Do we use Office Max or Staples, purchase a software program?  Sebastian will ask Tom for the template he used (thinks it’s Publisher).


Adult social/paint night – Michele Robertino showed interest in planning; the Board needs more opportunities for socialization and fundraising.  Paula Burns will speak to owners of Marketplace.  Sebastian will speak to Project Graduation chairperson.


Next meeting: March 14, 2017