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November 10, 2015

Call to Order:  President Six called to order the regular meeting of the GHS Touchdown Club at 
7:00 PM, on November 10, 2015 at the Guilford High School, Guilford, CT.

Roll Call:  Chris Jankura, Michele Robertino, Jackie Kronengold, Paula Downer, Lanny Six, Stephanie Moscato, Sebastian Derda, Alex Conover, Jill Hilgert, Tara Huffman, Coach Eagle and Jane Six

The following materials were distributed:  Meeting agenda, meeting minutes and treasurer’s report

Officer’s Reports:  
Secretary’s Report:  The meeting minutes from October 13, 2015 were reviewed.  A motion was made to accept the minutes with minor revisions and was unanimously agreed upon. 

Treasurers’ Report – Treasurer Derda’s report included current balances in the Clubs’ savings and checking accounts.  It also included a list of withdrawals for expenses to Naples, Concession Food and Tyco.   the concession stand profits are $2,000.  50/50 raffle:  no one has claimed their winnings from the last two raffles – so this amount has been added to the overall profits of the concession stand.   A motion was made to accept the minutes and was unanimously agreed upon.

VP Report:  There was no VP report.

President’s Report:  Treasurer Derda will update the list of buyout payments for each player. The records are accurate regarding what families have contributed to the buyout.  Many of the families paying online did not specify which fundraising activity to apply their contributions.  A blanket email was sent to all the freshman families about either returning their signs or paying for them. Families that have not returned their yard signs will receive an invoice.  A motion was made to accept the President’s report and was unanimously agreed upon.

Pasta Dinners – There are enough volunteers and food donations for the dinner scheduled for November 12th.  Jake Jarvis forwarded the email about cheerleaders wanting to host the pasta dinners.  President Six told Jake Jarvis that the Touchdown club would prefer to organize and run the pasta dinners.  The cheerleaders can volunteer through Volunteerspot if they want to participate.  

Senior Night – Co-VP Moscato gave this report.  Royal Printing (see Co-VP Moscato’s email dated, 11/10/15) is charging the TD Club, $76 for 50 color prints and $149 for 100 b/w – 12 pages total.  This senior night will be different.  The announcer, Lou Monaco – will announce each player by Jersey number.  Corsages have been ordered.  Families should be in place by 6:15 PM.  Moffitt Photographer has confirmed that they will be taking the pictures.  GHS Voices have not verified that they will sing the National Anthem.   Good luck senior signs will be crafted.

Concession Stand:  There will be adequate staff for the concession stand.  Eight volunteers have signed up to work during the Hand game.  We have to clean up the concession stand once the Hand game is over.  Will the stand be there next year?  

Family Dinner:  The food has been ordered from Naples Pizza.  A Volunteerspot for servers needs to be set up.  Dinner will be free to all participants.  Save the date email will be sent by President Six.  We will get a head count through our email system.  Poll and RSVP will be directed the folks that have not contributed to the Club or the buyout this year.  Alex Conover talked to Co-VP Jankura about the budget for family dinner ($2,000).  Regarding the senior gift raffle at the dinner:  A flat screen TV will be raffled.  A $10 donation towards this raffle item will be collected from each senior family.  Team captains will speak before food is served at the family dinner.

Hand Game – Post Game Activities:  The Bonfire will take place directly following the Hand game.  Co-VP Moscato has contacted the Fire Marshall to take care of the permits required. The TD Club will donate pizza and drinks from Naples Pizza.  Equipment and gear will not be returned by the players that night.  We will go to the locker room and the floor will be open to the seniors and players to speak about what the football program has meant to them.   This can also be done at the bonfire.  An email will be sent to GHS football families to form a fan gauntlet.  Players will walk through then the seniors will walk through individually.  

Banquet:  Bill Miller adjusted the price upwards to $26 per person because there will not be a bar. The Touchdown Club has adjusted the ticket price to $35 per guest.  There will be one menu.  President Six will create the banquet reservation form.  A copy of the form will be emailed to the parents and provided to each player.  Ideally, reservation forms should be sent by Thursday so that RSVP’s can be received by the night of the family dinner.  Bill Miller requires a head count by December 2nd.  We will close reservations after December 1st.

The Coach will organize the program for the banquet.  Decorations are not necessary.  However, balloons could be purchased to flank both ends of the head table.  Senior gifts:  tee shirts (the design of the shirts will be decided upon by the coach, team captains and the senior players), duffel bags and frame photograph from Senior Night.  The coaches and Meaghan Williams, (Trainer) gifts have been budgeted.  

TD Club By-Law Review:  The club secretary will review the by-laws for typos.  Corrections to the by-laws will be voted on at the December.  

Officer Elections:  The TD Club needs to recruit parents for executive positions.  President Six will send out an email asking if folks are interested.  Nominations will be from the floor.  Nominees have to be present at the meeting in order to be nominated.  To vote, you must have attended two of the previous three meetings.  Some board members with senior players will be stepping down from these positions.  There should be two vice presidents.   

President Six adjourned the meeting at 8:30 PM.