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October 13, 2015



Call to Order:  Club Co-Vice President, Chris Jankura called to order the regular meeting of the GHS Touchdown Club at 7:00 PM, on October 13, 2015 at the Nathanael Greene Community Center, Guilford, CT.


Roll Call:  Jackie Kronengold, Jane Six, Stephanie Moscato, Chris Jankura, Tara Huffman, Paula Downer, Doug Downer, Dan Leary, Jill Hilgert, Alex Conover, Sebastian Derda and Lanny Six


The following materials were distributed:  Meeting agenda, meeting minutes and treasurer’s report


Officer’s Reports: 

Secretary’s Report:  The meeting minutes from September 8, 2015 were reviewed.  A motion was made to accept the minutes with minor revisions and was unanimously agreed upon.


Treasurer’s report:  The Williams family made a $200 donation to the scholarship fund.  The Naults made a $100 donation to the scholarship fund, in the name of  Jack Peters.  We will acknowledge these donations to John, Jake and Jake’s wife, Heather.  Board members reviewed the list of buyout balances.  The list of players needs to updated as there are some students that no longer play with the team.  New players have not received the fundraising/buyout packet.  They are aware of the activities because emails have been sent to them.  President Six will ask Coach Scaggs for an updated list of players. Families that have not made any contribution to their buyout commitment will pay for their and their player’s banquet tickets.  There was some discussion about the Club contributing funds to players in need next year.


Ad Book – Last Wednesday the third proof of the ad book was received.  It looked good but Carter Orce’s name was missing on the senior centerfold photograph.  David Filley did send an updated pdf file to Tyco.  However, Tyco didn’t use the new file so they missed Carter Orce’s name.  Tyco will replace the center fold and print new covers so the covers don’t have staple holes.  They will print up to the number of copies requested, on our original order.  We will have them this Friday, for the game.  Unfortunately, there are a significant number of ad book payments outstanding.   


Pasta Dinner:  When the Touchdown Club created its budget (FY15), the pasta dinners were scheduled the Thursday before a home game.  Coach Eagle asked if the Club could support the weekly dinners.  More volunteers (to donate food and serve) are needed.  Players will remind their parents that donations are needed.  The team enjoys the dinners.


Concession Stand:  Freshman families are helping at the concession stand.  The volunteer pool has been spectacular.  Paula (Downer) will assign volunteers to the concession stand.  She too, needs an updated list of freshman players from Coach Scaggs.  Sebastian spoke to Ben Welch of GYF about the condition of the concession stand, last Sunday.  Lanny will update the check list.  One will be provided each night and will be positioned on the board for easy reference.  The bye weekend there will be a JV game on a Friday night.  Senior parents can run the concession stand. 



50/50 Raffle:  Students may help and earn community service hours but an adult should supervise and sell tickets for 50/50 raffles.


Pink Night:   Jill Hilgert gave her report – After the last day, Thursday, there remained ½ box of unsold tee shirts.  The majority of the players did not buy a shirt.  It wasn’t mandatory.  She is optimistic that all the shirts will be sold.



Fill the Helmet:  Walmart and Dunkin Donuts.  This event has been cancelled.  Motion carried to cancel.  Stephanie will contact Deana Ralston and Dunkin Donuts about the cancellations.


Senior Night:  An information sheet was emailed to parents for players to fill out.  The senior flyer, seniors will receive will be in color  (50).  Other copies (100) distributed will be in black and white.  Pregame plan.  Coach Eagle needs to put together logistics for Senior Night.  Co-VP Moscato will follow up with the coach.  Jill will be cc’d.  Co-VP Moscato will ask Coach Eagle to provide a timeline for this event.  Coach is very specific about when the positions come out on Senior Night.  For example, in what order are the linemen introduced, etc.   Cheerleaders and dance team have seniors and they should be included.  Co-VP Moscato has names of the adults that supervise both groups.  How many girls are involved?  Since there are 18 seniors this year,  this may affect the extent of the cheerleaders and dance team  involvement in Senior Night.  President Six will discuss this with Jake Jarvis.  We need a photographer.  Jackie Peters knows someone that wants to take action shots.  Jill Hilgert will call Jackie Peters. The photographer will be offered a free ad in the game day flyer, November 13.


President Six will ask Jake Jarvis about the pep band and high steppers performing on Senior Night.

Co-VP Moscato will ask the dance team to perform Senior Night. They could earn community service hours.


Burning of the Shoes: Co-VP Moscato has the printed protocol.  For example, call the fire chief, etc.  This is a TD Club sponsored event, November 25, 2015 at 10:00 PM.


Pasta Dinner:  November 24 - Alex Conover is the Chairperson for this event.  The food will be purchased from Naples Pizza’s catering menu. Naples needs a head count by the Friday or Saturday before.   There may be 225 participants this year.  Alex has a budget but wonders if that will be enough.  There will also be a raffle (each player will donate a $10 gift card) as in years past.


Banquet:  Regarding the freshman.  Coach Eagle was surprised to learn that freshmen, have in the past, attended the varsity banquet.  He would like to have a separate event for the freshman.  A discussion of the pros and cons of having two events ensued.  President Six will let Coach Eagle know that the Club wants all the players to attend the varsity banquet.


President Six adjourned the meeting at 8:45 PM.