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Call to Order

Club President, Lanny Six called to order the regular meeting of the GHS Touchdown Club at 7:04 PM, on September 8, 2015 at the Nathanael Greene Community Center, Guilford, CT.


Roll Call

Lanny Six, Jacquelyn Kronengold, Jackie Peters, Jill Hilgert, Chris Jankura, Stephanie Moscato, Sebastian Derda, Doug Downer, Christian Appleman, Alex Conover and  Paula Downer


The following materials were distributed:  Minutes, agenda, treasurer’s report dated September 8, 2015 and buyout spreadsheet


Officer’s Reports

Secretary’s Report:  The meeting minutes from August 11, 2015:  The minutes from the last meeting were reviewed.  A motion was made to accept the minutes with minor revisions and was unanimously agreed upon.

Treasurer’s Report:

Insurance payment accepted.   School has not asked to be reimbursed for the headsets yet.  The scholarship is funded for two years and that includes the increased funding rate of $500 per year.  A motion was made to accept the Treasurer’s report and was unanimously agreed upon.


Co-VP Reports:  The Co-VP’s Moscato and Jankura do not have a written report.  However, since they have helped plan and implement many of the events on the Agenda, they will refer to it during the meeting. 

President’s report – Regarding future approvals for fundraising activities – all fundraising activities have to be preapproved by the Athletic Director, Jake Jarvis.  This could mean that the lead time for approvals will be longer.  Despite the controversy regarding our yard signs, we were able to use them in our fundraising efforts because we did receive prior approval from the main office. 

President Six spoke to Mr. Miscenti, about arranging for the HS Facilities Manager, Cliff Gernan, to meet with the town health inspector Dennis Johnson, about the concession stand.   We were able to get a set of keys.  The Health Inspector has given us a report.  An additional sink and dry well must be installed in order for the concession stand to pass inspection.     

Business:  This meeting concentrated on the upcoming fundraising and social events the Club sponsors.

Family picnic wrap up.  Budget and spend were discussed.                                             

Weaver/Buckley Scrimmage – the Club provided lunches to 100 players. 

Yard Signs – Michelle will give her report on the yard sign sales, at the next meeting.  The team class representatives will remind their groups about the deadline and to return signs that they do not expect to sell.  

Driveway G’s have been selling quite well.  All orders have been installed.  The official thank you to Joe Iassogna can come in the form of an acknowledgement in the game day flyer.  As an alumni family member, he donated 12 cans of spray paint for this cause.  The UPS Store and Palombo’s should also receive recognition in the game day flyer as well as the ad book for their support. 

Ad book – Co-VP Moscato, took pictures of the players, but the conditions were not ideal.  Parents should be notified that they may need to take another picture of their child.  Lanny will send an email to parents to tell them to take their own headshots.

No player biographies in the book this year.  There will be short biographies from the coaching staff and a coach’s message, if he chooses to enter one.  Five pages in the ad book will be devoted to the coaching staff.  Individual pictures of players will appear in paid ads.  The back cover will be devoted to the seniors.  A number of families have taken advantage of the buyout, so their ads will be free.  The ad deadline is September 19.  Final payments are due, October 1.  Parents can request their balances by contacting their team managers.  Parents will have access to their information only.

Pasta dinners – we have the schedule.  Tara has not been able to confirm the dates with the school as they have not contacted her.  This year, the entire team will be able to participate and dinner will be served every week, not just before home games.

October 9th is Pink Night – Bishops donated $500 and Marketplace just contributed $500.   Shirts will sell for $5.00 to players and $10 for everyone else.   We will ask the coach if he would like the Club to donate Big Y submarine sandwiches before the game.

50/50 raffle sales, October 2 – Jackie Peters will Chair the 50/50 raffle this year.  We will also sell autographed copies of the cook book.  A sophomore or freshman family will be recruited to chair the 50/50 raffle, for the 2016-2017 school year.  Selling raffles could be a community service opportunity for some students.

Fill the Helmet, October 24:  Currently, Walmart is the only venue for this fundraising event.  Dunkin Donuts has not responded to Co-VP Moscato’s request to add their site.  If Dunkin Donuts becomes a venue, Mulberry Plaza would be the safest location.  The event will be 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM at Dunkin Donuts and 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM at Walmart.

Michele Robertino is the chair of this year’s Chili Cook-Off event, scheduled for October 30. She will discuss it at the next meeting.

Senior Night will be November 13.  Jill Hilgert will Chair the event.   Paula Downer will assist.  Sophomore, freshman and junior representatives should be recruited to plan next year’s senior night.  The coach will work with the Club to plan this year’s event. 

Three new players have joined the team.  Lanny will distributed the fundraising packets to them. 

Hand Game events:  Family Dinner - Alex Conover is the Chair of Family Dinner, Tuesday night, November 24, 6PM – 9PM. Perhaps the budget for this event needs to be reevaluated, since the number of players has increased.  Wednesday, November 25, is the Hand game and it is a half day of school.  The bonfire should be after the game.  It’s more meaningful.  The Club can provide pizza to players after this game.  Does Coach know that Guilford football has a bonfire?

The Annual Banquet:  December 9.  Reservations and deposits to Bill Miller have been made.  We estimated 175 participants but a larger room at the catering hall may be required.

President Six will discuss the final details the event with Jake Jarvis (Athletic Director).  Jill Hilgert will meet with him to discuss Senior Night, and dance team and cheerleaders participation in Club events.

President Six adjourned the meeting at 8:46 PM.


The next meeting will be November 10, 2015, in Room D102 at Guilford High School.