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August 11, 2015


Call to Order

Club President, Lanny Six called to order the regular meeting of the GHS Touchdown Club at 7:05 PM, on August 11, 2015 at the Nathanael Greene Community Center, Guilford, CT.


Roll Call

Paula Downer, Doug Downer, Chris Jankura, Stephanie Moscato, Alex Conover, David Filley, Sondra Gabriel, Tim McCloskey, Tom Huffman, Lanny Six and Jacquelyn A Kronengold were in attendance.

The following materials were distributed:  Meeting Agenda, Meeting Minutes, dated July 14, 2015 and the Ad Book Patron Donation sheet.


Officer’s Reports

Secretary’s Report:  The meeting minutes from July 14:  The minutes from the last meeting were reviewed.  A motion was made to accept the minutes with revisions and was unanimously agreed upon. 


Treasurer’s report:  Treasurer Derda was not present but sent account balance spreadsheet to President Six.  When family contributions exceed the buyout amount the overages will apply towards the cost of the banquet tickets.  These additional contributions will not be rolled over to the following football season.  A motion was made to accept the Treasurer’s report and was unanimously agreed upon.

The VP reports will be covered under old business and new business. Co-VP Jankura has provided the high school with the dates for the pasta dinners.  She hopes we will be able to use the cafeteria.  Coach Eagle has been notified.  Co-VP Moscato did not have a report to present.


Coach’s Corner:  All paperwork for the 2015 football season is due on Friday, August 14.  Impact tests for the freshman have to be scheduled.   The coach will receive a spreadsheet with the list of players that have complied with these requirements.  Parking and drop off for practices:  Enter and exit through the tennis courts.  Equipment will not be distributed until it has all been inventoried.  Friday, perhaps Saturday, this week, inventory will be completed and the equipment handed out to the players.  August 17, the team is to report to the field at 4:00 PM – off the field at 8:00 PM.  Coach will create a September schedule.  On August 22, there will be a double session (8:00 AM – 6:30 PM) with a 3-hour rest period.  Players will stay on the field. 

Old Business: Yard sign distribution plan.  The yard signs will be distributed after practice on Monday, August 17.  Three signs will be distributed per player.  Michele Robertino asked that we come up with a plan.  We must stress that the signs be kept in pristine condition.  Players will be given 2 months to sell their yard signs. We will try to sell at them at the scrimmages.  Unsold signs are to be returned on October 1, to make them available for sale at the first home game.  Payments should be sent to:  800 Village Walk, Suite 188. 

August Picnic:  The sign-up sheet has been created on VolunteerSpot by Co-VP Jankura.  To date, 4 parents have volunteered to grill hot dogs and hamburgers.  An email reminding families to sign up on VolunteerSpot will be sent every week until the picnic.  Games and Contests:  Co-VP Jankura is organizing the games.

Ad Book Timeline:  The ad book and home game day handout will be combined into one fundraising program.  There are four sponsor contribution levels.   The Club will create a hand out that players can either hand deliver, mail or email to sponsors.  Sponsors can send a donation via check or donate online.  Players will receive credit towards the Buy Out.  The font size will be reduced proportional to the contribution by the donor.   We are hoping that the high school will pick up copying charges for the game day handouts.  Dave Filley has provided the format for the ad submissions.  Ad Book Timeline - the first home game is October 2nd.  Fundraising for this program ends on the September 19. 

Treasurer Derda will provide information to Dave Filley regarding payments for the ads, as Dave will not be tracking this information.  $200 buyout gets a free half page ad.  Additional $50 donation will upgrade to a premium location in the ad book. The ads will be in B&W.  The Senior Night book will be separate from ad book.   President Six will research printing vendors, i.e. Tyco. 

Fill the Helmet is still scheduled for October 24 at Walmart.  The duration of this fundraising event is dependent on whether or not players will be stationed at other sites around town.

New Business:  Jill Hilgert will Chair Pink Night again.  The date has not yet been scheduled.  Traditionally this event has been held during the first home game in October. The team will not wear pink socks to commemorate Pink Night this year.  Perhaps there will be Pink helmet decals.

November 13th is Senior Night.  The team will play Hillhouse.  Coach Eagle will help plan Senior Night.  He will help with the logistics.  Jill Hilgert, Joanna Derda and Stephanie Moscatto will help decorate. 

President Six plans to meet with Jake Jarvis to discuss the future of the Snack Shack and a new game announcer since Bo is retired from that role. 

President Six adjourned the meeting at 8:34 PM.

The next meeting is scheduled, October 13, 2015.